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  1. Yochi Ayuzawa {Gacha Life}

    FINALLY!!! Oof…

    I'm full of anger right now… I wasted so much time because of this!!!😤

    I hope you guys still like it!
    And I'm so sorry for this situation!!😭😭😓😓🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

    Anyway, OMG that was soo embarrasing!!! But… I still feel so savage XD (Specially me in 1:45)

  2. AuNyik GaMing

    Siapa Yang Follow aku, Langsung aku follback loh,,, please🙏

  3. XxWolfSavagexX Beta

    Yup. I agree, 1:45 is really savage. Tbh, this is my favorite Mr. Policeman meme! <3

  4. monika stachowiak

    alans sooo embaresed at the end and this is my favourte song , plsss do a dare vid and my dare would be all girls sing im blue in front of the boys

  5. Alex Wood Gamez

    To cute UwU

  6. Naruto Uzumaki

    Talk about underrated

  7. Bts Galaxy

    Please do behind the scenes of this glmv….
    Love your channel, Yochi!❤️❤️

  8. Xx_Lil ly_xX

    I was right

  9. ShiftyBeast

    I swear, this song and all the movement were stuck in my head.. (They still are) Btw, SO CUTE!!

  10. Rebecca maria

    U did it yochi !!! I was waiting for this..We love u

  11. -Cloudy Boba-

    I was thinking about you making this- ;-; Edit: I finally got to subscribe! <3 🍫

  12. Blueberry Sky

    Cute!!!! CUTEEE!!!💚💚😂

  13. Marcus Combalicer

    Not really cute, sorry.

  14. Kenneth Mendoza

    1 Like=1% on mah ipad since mah ipad is 2% the second i wrote dis comment 😢😭 🙁

  15. Bleadding Rosies • M

    Ok let's be clear, she wants sex with the policeman .-.

  16. Lana Halapir

    Da best youtuber ever!! UvU <3333

  17. fantena chan


  18. 異樣TenTen

    May we talk about how many things are writen in the desc? Owo

  19. Phuong O My

    Im cringing real bad yikes😅

  20. crystal galaxy gacha

    Shipppppssss In the skyyyyyy

  21. 《gacha -Ecrin》

    burayı türkler basmamış galiba very beatuful well done

  22. IiI_kitty_ UwU

    wait ur a perv?!?!

  23. royale high lover -roblox

    YASSSSSSSS Alan looks good in those clothes heh yochi don't kille but I kinda falling for Alan…

  24. pal bun

    Hi yochi, i just watched ur bfs video.. and i know ur really sad about the "I cant study" but its ok- just ignore haters and try tp study! 😀

  25. Norzaliza Salleh

    I ship you and alan

  26. IcePhoenix Pup

    Doing this in real life be like

    Me: “Hey mr police man, I don’t want no trouble I just wanna drive my (ishshisj) down to the floor”


    Policeman: “Prisoner 4 tried to sexual assault me.”

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