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  1. Kim Wheelerugxhhxhdhdhd

    cant stand watching taylor

  2. mich25 x30

    Virtue signalling to the max… hollyweird has become like District 1 of the hunger games.. just a bunch of lude, costume wearing self absorbed people who try to pander too hard to make album sales.. people are getting tired of it. Sure as hell wouldn’t let my children watch this farce.

  3. Dallas Texxasss

    so this is what music has come too.. saddd.. I remember the day's when whitney would open up the awards show, singing LIVE

  4. The Money Maker Sports

    It's a Very Sad World We Are Living 2019!

  5. Patrick The Destroyer

    It is so funny watching all you sheeple go thru your trends…. even when these pants look terrible on you. Yall keep wearing em like "yeah gur I'm lookn fine af!". Taylor swifts clothes are ugly and only brainwashed people would wear them. Front butt jeans have never been hot. Fat chicks look terrible in them and I like fat chicks. But a fat chick in front butt jeans is a Boner killer.

  6. Kooki_shyy

    "I just took a DNA test turns out I'm a hundred percent that b*"

  7. Jumbo Johnson

    I feel sorry for these kids today if this is what they call entertainment

  8. Jon Warsheski

    I'm so tired of these celebrities with money telling me how bad it is here and how bad our president is ! Please leave if you don't like it here ! MAGA !

  9. Cosmo Kramer

    MTV trying to stay relevant. How cute

  10. Natalia Narvaez

    Do they not know that Miley is married‼️‼️‼️⁉️⁉️💎💍

  11. Anthony Lagrotteria

    bring back old mtv

  12. Johnny Five

    The Whale is beached, quick get the water its dying and Taylor shit on the stage

  13. The Rockazoid

    What was the marshmallow peep at the beginning?



  15. ARgmail


  16. rob andone

    No one watches MTV. Lizzo is a pig. And enough with the sick ass gay agenda and constantly trying to convince kids to be the opposite sex.

  17. Ben Jackbag Mank

    Celebration of degeneracy for the corrupt powers and elite.

  18. Jarmar Fuerte

    What I don’t get is why missy Elliot doing there I thought she retire isn’t she old school I swear every year they put her on some award that like repetiré and boring same old songs . 🤦🏻‍♂️they could had put some other singer missy Elliot was on the mtvs last year and now again what the fuck and she play the same songs again . I guess rappers are losing their ideas ! Rappers aren’t like they use to be long time ago I guess missy Elliot covering for some rappers that’s why they had to bring her back cause new rappers are making the cut.

  19. Jarmar Fuerte

    Kaney west did not take Taylor Swift award where Kanye west that racist Kanye now ! He must be racist to think Taylor don’t deserve an award 🥇. Taylor you proof Kanye west wrong he must be feeling stupid now. Taylor Swift don’t let them push around proof that bitch wrong long time ago , he did you wrong never her an apology ever from him .

  20. Shaylice Harris

    Is it just me or does it seem like Taylor Swift just has an all around "better than any pest who crosses my path" kind of tone every time she opens her mouth????

  21. Boris Nova


  22. T B

    First 5 seconds of this video….fucking halarious

  23. millsub xxx

    music has devolved big time

  24. MAINE_ONExp

    Its seems to me that the VMA is really trying to force progressiveness more than actual content.

  25. alfredo ruiz

    Wow every moment is a woke moment, the music industry is satanic fuck the trash.

  26. Michael Angelo

    Grey Pope 👈 🎆🎆 🎇🎆 🎇🎆 🎇🎆 🎇🎆 🎇🎆 🎇🎆 🎇🎆 🎇🎆 🎇🎆 🎇🎆 🎇📖⚖🛡🔴

  27. Amanda Prichard

    I hate what music is coming to…what people consider "good" ugh

  28. Anjel DQP

    The most memorable part for me was when I skipped watching this garbage.

  29. Peter Starzomczyk

    So sick of Hollywood and all this crap.

  30. Auguste Comte


  31. Yeet boi BTS

    tho most memorable moment was when senorita won even boy with luv broke way more records and got taken out of the category even tho they were nominated 🤔

  32. Billy Klaklas

    This is nothing more than a degenerate forms of entertainment to seduce ppl into self degeneration,, basically this is flat out brainwashing!!!

  33. fanofmany71

    I agree with many of the negative comments… because they are all true. Just a bunch of people rewarding themselves, thinking they are hot s*it, making richer people richer, using a platform that is so irrelevant today. You know all of "this" will come crashing down soon and one day. Funny how people are promoting certain things when they are the exact same thing they are complaining about. Look in the mirror first.

  34. Monique Brabham

    Missy elliot was great..

  35. nacanieli nalewabau

    The only best thing about this award was Missy Elliot. The rest was just TRASH💩💩💩

  36. ?...

    I wish NF was there to sit them down….

  37. Christopher Head

    Wow that woman is built for comfort. How does lizzo do it? And when I type in lizzo it tries to auto correct to pizza. So funny.

  38. AYO NAT3

    Where's miley?

  39. colonelkfc33

    The SJW Music Awards…

  40. Maddie Parris

    fuck ya’ll. BTS deserved a big award they’re MUSIC and VIDEOS were the most popular and artistic out of any shitty american artist.

  41. Simi Hanniel

    Can't blame John…they all seem to look alike these days.
    And who is that babe standing beside Taylor Swift that looks just like Beyonce?

  42. Sherry Patrick

    I watched my girl Missy-a ❤💖 that was all I was interested in.

  43. Ms Rana

    I identify my self as a fish 🤪

  44. Karl Jensen

    Funny, all one has to is promote the leftist narrative and presto,Taylor gets free exposure to promote her new album.

  45. Sachin R

    This show was awful… Most of these performers are no names.

  46. --

    Just a bunch or garbage people celebrating garbage music

  47. slgarcia 47

    MTV is still a channel? People still watch cable? Give it up already baby boomers, cable and MSM is dying fast!

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