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  1. Colin

    No comments in three years, huh? Woah.

  2. Austin Douglas

    I Love Mumford & Sons!

  3. Venkat Gella

    Thumbs up for pen15s

  4. Ben Jones


  5. Venkat Gella

    isn't it funny how none of the african american guys are holding bonjos

  6. House of farts

    awww look at Marcus he's dressed up for our wedding in his all white
    but he's helping out his friends first awww so thoughtful

  7. Kay Rael

    who cares what race they are I just love this song

  8. Cristian Patton

    i know damn well that they arnt mexican because im half and i know my kind!

  9. jeffe

    Thanks! I suck at understanding the meanings of songs and music videos.

  10. jeffe

    Nope, their Indian. There's a difference between those two nationalities.

  11. Austin Kusserow


  12. Angela St. John

    The marching band with too few members and a mish-mash for people they do have represents the oddness of a person living in a -literal or figurative- cave.

    The band giving them their instruments stands for the narrator giving a part of himself to the person in the cave, to help.

    Them leaving represents the narrator getting fed up and leaving to live his life.

    The band member lip-synching to the stands for the empty promises the person in the cave spoke.

    Then the marchers needed a ride, lol

  13. Ben Jones

    Love it

  14. jeffe

    So they give their instruments to an Indian marching band, go riding around, and come back to get them. That doesn't make sense but I like this song a lot.

  15. Ryan DiSalvo

    You're* a moron… Learn how to speak English correctly..

  16. Alexandria Carson

    raciest mother fuckers

  17. Benito Amador

    your a moron this has nothing to do with Adele

  18. Ruth Flannery

    what add do i know this from?

  19. GrassyNinjaStealth

    Why does this video not have more views?! >:o

  20. Andrew Le

    love Celtic rock

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