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  1. aSongScout

    Thanks for watching! For those asking about a pi song – I've actually made one for pi as well:

  2. Fo Cus

    Nice, very well done. Thanks for sharing that !

  3. Alan Noronha

    Neat idea, but the sequence doesn't determine dynamics, rythm, duration of each note, the use of octaves, the harmony, the left hand line… It's still you expressing yourself in the form of music anyway. And that was a pretty good job.

  4. TheLazyHound YT

    plays this
    secret room unlocked

  5. Gs Sz

    …Cof cof whit two hands cof cof….

  6. CNT

    So, TOOL's Lateralus

  7. Steel

    It's not the sound of the Fibonacci sequence, it's the E major scale. You can assign a random generator instead of the fibonnaci sequence and it will still sound good.

  8. Skillet !!

    Awesome video! Thanks so much!!

  9. Trần Đình Phú

    Now play the pi number

  10. Bryan Sturgeon

    And your point is..?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😲😲😲😲

  11. Seb Clax

    by the way this has no musical logic to it, the only music comes from the rhythms he chose and the harmony

  12. The26

    Old but golden ratio

  13. Arun Hazara

    Do prime numbers …..

  14. Venger

    I see Fibonacci, i click.

    I'm a complex man.

  15. Caleb Warren

    Surprised that I didn’t see a single mention of Lateralus down here in the comments

  16. Abdallah Al Hussein

    Now play Gödel's theorem!

    Your piece will always be incomplete!

  17. foxy

    omg, its foking mathematical music!!!

  18. Иван Иванов

    I think that's fake, but music is beautiful

  19. Shivram Mittal

    That's when a pianist takes maths to seriously…
    Edit- I always respect such composers from the depth of my heart…..

  20. Oumaima Mimi

    Beautiful 😘😘😘😘

  21. Lz Killer7

    that's not what the fib sequence "sounds like". he could've used any random sequence of numbers and it would sound the exact same

  22. Сид Гифальди

    Никогда не люблю кривляния и корчи за фортепьяно

  23. Сид Гифальди


  24. raka tokan

    Beautiful Buddy…it like I hear the tree singing when the morning sun shine on them…

    Pls neglect the negative comment…they just an outlier in statistic

  25. Pingijno

    Those are digits, not numbers

  26. RedBlade

    My name is Giorno Giovanna, and I have a dream!

  27. Dick Dickson

    so its a song in e major… ?

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