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  1. J. Bruce Fox

    Darlin Teresa

  2. Billy Murray Fan

    Music music music is 100000000000000 times better in duet by Sølvi Wang and Arve Opsahl. Their version was much more popular her in Norway than the shit version by Teresa Brewer.

  3. Billy Murray Fan

    My mother was for young to enjoy this one. She was born in 1944,but in 1950 when this come out she don’t understand englis so she like the version by Sølvi Wang and Arve opshal who was very popular here in Norway. My mom past in 1990. I miss her every day

  4. Amr Hussien

    Teresa brewer📯🎷🎸🔔🎹🎤🎺🎧🎻🥁📻🎶📢📣🎺 music music music on 1950 London

  5. J. Bruce Fox

    Teresa wonderful as always!

  6. Lexi uwu

    My grandparents and I were on vacation in the mountains and we drove past this place called the Nickelodeon and my grandpa started singing this to my grandma.

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