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  1. Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato

    My original music! http://fanlink.to/joeynatomusic

  2. Silenteric

    The Mario 'Here we go' impression got me to like the video

  3. Nex

    Imagine Dragons Warriors (the original) is more like a song than this one. You should react to that.

  4. Sami Nilsson

    Why havent u done a video on "as we fal"l?

  5. oussama benounnas

    i think 2wei = zwei = 2 in German

  6. chunchun

    Please react to All Is Hell That Ends Well by Two Steps From Hell! Something different but I think you'd find it really interesting!

  7. Melanie Luperon

    I suggest you listen the original version and compare, also 2WEI has other great theatrical music!

  8. Harley Quinn

    Reacht to Imagine Dragons – Warriors asap 😀

  9. Wali Saleh

    You should react to show your self from frozen 2

  10. Nightfall

    Joey my boy, you really need to listen to Light and Shadow by Hiroyuki Sawano

  11. zakkychan The gamer

    I've been waiting for this vid since it came out

    Like if you have too

  12. Kirstin Stok

    You should check out music from 2WEI, it's really good Epic Music!

  13. Misskanojojo

    Niceee, do the other one with imagine dragons pls

  14. OverFlowKyuubi

    Not sure if already answered but no it's not a song. Every new year, starts a new season and with that season they create a trailer for the incoming season. This one is particularly good and hyped because it follows their lore and with the comics coming out people are very excited.

  15. XerathSuppWorks

    "Curse of the sad mummy" pls react to this

  16. keratos

    Do you think that that medieval feel you get in 6:00 is due to the descending parallel fifths?

  17. FoxyOnyxSheep

    You should react to a bad lip reading's "SEAGULLS(Stop it now)" and "MY STICK!"

  18. Marko Aiman

    Only way to get vieows react on lol music

  19. Méd Gaming

    React to awaken

  20. Steven Meijer

    You should definitely check out the actual song where it's only about the song and not that much about what's on your screen like here

  21. Ominous Mist

    Joey: 3:35

  22. Ukita L.

    React to LoL’s Aphelios Theme please!

  23. Marta Czyż

    can you react to GOT7 music?

  24. Invy Life

    Joey, I don't know how many times I have to post this. I will continue to do so every video until you do it. Please…for the sake of my fingers typing, review Jhins Theme/Jhins login.

  25. Yoriichi Tsugukuni

    Pls react to zedd ignite

  26. Jzwiz

    If you ever go on soundcloud riot uploads their songs but in oddly better quality and different versions. Like you can get the giants instrumental version which has instruments you couldn't really hear with the singing over it. Also react to the original version of this song.

  27. Shadow Prox

    The 2WEI is a bit of a german word play its zwei(in german it means 2) so the 2 is the z

  28. Kevin Solis

    Get Jinxed- League of legends

  29. NonN4m3

    It’s boring with so many paus

  30. NonN4m3

    U are still pausing the video for no reason. Tell us what u think after u finished with the video, and stop pausing it ever 1 min.

  31. Daniel Honda

    Youre a beast, dude !!

  32. Emanfox333

    the champion jhin's theme its sick

  33. Games Hunter

    Yo dog .. i rlly like ur reactions but do u mind focusing on the cinematic instead of focusing on the music ? I rlly appriciate it

  34. Carlos Penn

    This song is the remake of the imagine dragon song Warriors. They made the song for the League of Legends world championship few years ago.

  35. Danny junior jiminian


  36. Iuko Xarebava

    Imagine dragons worriors made me start league of legends so you should really listen to that version and other league songs too

  37. Lavender Deng

    Light and Shadow is also freaking amazing. It's by a Japanese composer called hiroyuki sawano who has composed many tracks for anime before like shingeki no kyoijin and aldnoah zero.

  38. Hugis1212 YouTuber

    React to the Warriors song made in 2014

  39. Ezequiel Bonello

    Please watch Awaken! So hot!

  40. Rodiandrea

    Waiting for warriors, worlds collide and ignite now

  41. Hakim Benzaïd

    0:42 Mickey Mouse

  42. xBennn

    React to the 2014 version

  43. _ Zarrack _

    You can find a version without the "Movie trailer like effects"

  44. Niels Hansen

    Pls react to d-a-d sleeping my Day away Danish rock band

  45. Angel of Sin

    Hey, if you haven't, check out Get Jinxed, the music is so active, even beyond what's going on in the video.

  46. Kynian123

    Joey, you've almost reacted to all the stuff from League of Legends, but imma ask that you react to three more. They are considerably older, but are some of their best work imo.

    1 – Curse of the Sad Mummy
    2 – Get Jinxed
    3 – As We Fall

    All of them are proper music videos instead of cinematic trailers/teasers, and are all in the League of Legends channel!

    Keep up the awsome work mate!

  47. Tan Zhenyang

    U should react to bring home the glory by league or legends as well

  48. Tim Sinlesspath

    I would love a react to Light & Shadow by Hiroyuki Sawano. A beautiful composition done to promote the Star Guardian skin set for League of Legends

  49. Darkitty Shadow

    Please react to Light and Shadow (from League of Legends)

  50. Requiescat in pace

    damn he is making an career out this lol content… cz no offence i couldn't give a single fk about his other vdos… just came here for some lol reactions!
    Regardless i wish u luck and dnt stop making vdos

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