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  1. Daniel Baker

    Felt sorry for the organist. The end of the Bach fell apart. 🙁


    Gracias! Mi Coro Querido porque invitas a qué el Espíritu Santo es con nosotros Siempre Gracias por existir Amig@s Muchas Bendiciones!! Mis Hermanos 🙏😍😘

  3. Rodrigo Lopez

    the best moment in the week

  4. Mary Wilson


  5. 1784 subs with no videos

    Last time a song will be performed in salt lake Temple before renovations 😭😭

  6. Fred Kelbert

    It never ceases to amaze me that the organist can play an arrangement by memory, without sheet music!

  7. Sandra Mara

    God bless forever for The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square,thank you ,beauty true your words, I believe together , a perception and motivation with faith is light on way , each new action is opportinity of create ,renew , a life is learn all day , I believe that a manners of see one happen ,one idea ,one fato ,with eyes love and faith ,made all positive differ , a kind ,,a wise , a courage a humilty ,a simplicity renew us life, one 2020 blessing,all day is good time of learn ,hear and search reality the best in all etapa of way .

  8. Marisol Echeverri

    Beautiful!!!! my savior Jesús

  9. Gladys Velazquez

    Thank you for comforting my soul

  10. Cute German shepherd

    God bless you take care God bless you I'm Christmas country Pakistan name nasir God bless you I Like you

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