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  1. MrCrazyLeprechaun

    The only real villains were in the writing room XD

  2. Ann Prime


  3. MrInfinity

    …there I am, ominously laying in my bed…

  4. Antonio Cirt

    OK now I ve become MADARA

  5. sweetjoker0813

    If theres no one edit this epic tune to Dany road toward the end, then whats the point

  6. Alejandra Moyano

    Cada música te tras porta a distintos lugares y por un momento te escapas de la realidad por más que no desaparezca y buelves a enfrentarla con otros ojos y sonidos Ale de Argentina provincia de Cordoba ♡

  7. Jonas Mourão

    It actually inspires me to fight for what is good

  8. Wolf Alpha 236

    Who is the villain of you story?

  9. Dino Reviews

    Sometimes Great Things come from Great Pain

  10. Naomi

    Imagine how badass a villian she could have been if they'd written her story progression properly. I wish Jorah had taught her how to fight – imagine if Jon had to duel her at the end instead of her being so trusting. Everyone was upset with her, they wrote her so stupidly blind and trusting after earlier being so paranoid with Varys. Such a dissapointment.

  11. Gehan 212

    theme song : In The House, In a Heartbeat

  12. Yao Mougin

    Best miniature 😂

  13. Ralph Croix Music


  14. Sean Wilson

    Emilia, darling…. >;-)

  15. -Dat Mental Gamer-

    you either die a hero. or live long enough to see yourself become the villain….

  16. Clumsy Plumbob

    This song reminds me more of Cersei because it sounds very similar to "Light of the Seven" which was the theme that played during the burning of the Sept of Baelor.

  17. JOHN GR

    This makes me wanna pour Coca Cola in a empty Pepsi bottle!

  18. Jake Nation65

    "Villians aren't born. Their made."


  19. jonathan allard

    For Thanos
    For Joker
    For Dark Vader
    For Magneto
    For Walter White
    For Wilson Fisk
    For Cersei Lannister
    For Daenery… nope the writing didn't convince me at all …

  20. Nonsensive

    bro someone promote the shit out of this, it's truly a masterpiece.

  21. Aquartzy

    I have no idea who anyone's talking about cuz I live under a rock

  22. Elsah14

    If lena ends up becoming a villain this would be her theme song

  23. Will

    Is it just me or it is getting crazier outside?

  24. Tru Desu

    You're all that is good and I'm all that is bad
    your luck runs out
    your colors bleed out
    Enjoy your tragic end
    For all that is good shall wither away
    Along with the filthy lies written in your face.

  25. Ilya Hellworker

    Прям аж пахнет Frostpunk

  26. CarMeloHype

    I actually agree with her becoming a “villain” if you will, at the end. It’s fits her following in her fathers footsteps and becoming the mad queen but holy hell the way they executed it was terrible.

  27. Trevon Zarmas

    “What is Evil without Good to compare it to…

    And what that good is in response, you don’t need a villain you need a monster to show you your true colors, here let me see you be a hero and I’ll be your monster!” – Adrok the Ebon Blade

  28. Milan Pelikán

    Thanks Satan?

  29. Abd elrahman mohamed

    Do you know that the most dangerous villains were once an innocent people but they got beaten and used until they couldn't see any light , lost any hope and didn't have anything to lose

  30. Rodger Castro

    I heard this when I got out of my bed…

    Now I'm pouring the milk before the cereal.

  31. Pedro Caballero Clemente

    Me: Hm…so that’s how I turned out to be the villain of my own story….so be it!! Let this moment sink in to those who will face my wrath, ironically this path fated of my own choices which led to this moment, cursed by the god himself, to walk this bleek plain of existence on my own…..to taste the pain of those who suffered at my hands, while their life’s faded hearing Their last breath….. this painless thoughts of this images in my head, corrupting my soul, turning me into an instrument of hate, braking my spirit as I take my last breaths of hope to my grave!..yes ..I can already feel it…divided by my own thoughts, where words won’t come out , leaving me speechless of this feelings inside , so I remain silent , slaved and imprisioned by my own mind ……taking little by little my sanity, while I’m swallowed by my inner darkness, enduring this endless battle without victory….lonely…..I remain…….cursed

  32. Wise Mob

    It would be better if the picture portrayed here is D&D themselves.

  33. necrodon88

    It only makes sense the daughter of the mad king would become mad as well

  34. Michael Leon

    "*Do* it? Dan, I'm not a republic serial villain. Do you seriously think I'd explain my master-stroke to you even if there remained the slightest chance of you affecting it's out come?"

    "I did thirty-five minutes ago."

  35. Quinten McLaughlin

    One day this guy is gonna make one hell of a movie score

  36. KHABIB will whoop Ferg & GSP

    Draw a monster.
    Why is it a monster?

    – Daughter by Janice Lee

  37. KHABIB will whoop Ferg & GSP

    The people who considered you weak
    have not yet noticed the wolf hiding behind your eyes nor the flames inside your soul
    Let them think and do what wolves & fires do best. Surprise them when they least expect it
    – Nikita Gill

  38. TheDaRkPhOeNiX

    Me: (Hears Boss music)
    Me: Hey, Why am i hearing Boss Music?
    Dany: You are the Boss dumbass !!

  39. Rhiannon Hofer

    I’m in two dnd campaigns and now I’m imagining one of my characters turning evil. They’d both fit the bill tbh.

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