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  1. Julian Zanetti

    someone can please explain me the deep meaning of this song ? the poetry of this things

  2. miguel michelle


  3. Sanctummz

    iconic still

  4. Cirilla Lestrange

    Holy Shit can you guys believe its been nearly 10 years since this song came out. Damn. Thinking about that time. XD

  5. Otávio Silva

    Na época a galera morria de vergonha de assumir que gostava dessa musica! Hoje é um clássico tocado no intervalo do ensino médio hehe

  6. Andrea Rodriguez

    Luisito comunica


    2019 and this song is still amazing

  8. Sandy Knowles

    Forever and always… ill never forget this song

  9. p4ul

    there is a mandela effect, her dress was white IM SURE

  10. Sophia Paredes

    2:47 i thought the guy in the back was ryan ross

  11. Sophia Paredes

    Needs more eyelines


    :v ke wa

  13. Maddie Thweatt

    I got called emo 3 times today so I just went with it but the person that called me emo first told me and my friends to wear all black so we did and he called me emo but I can’t disagree but I can’t agree so sksksksksk lmao

    Yet here I am listening to MCR, panic, fall out boy, and set it off lmfao

  14. Krissy seminecro alive Parfait zeron's wife

    Gerard wonders why hessuicidal
    Should I tell him
    I'm pregnant since age 13 by God's promise of children I will birth near age 50 after Samantha has her kids

  15. Joab Julian

    If I'm given a chance to change one thing in the entire human history, I will not let this band break up. MCR definitely saved my life and many others. If it wasn't for them, I along with many friends would've been all dead by now. It was rough being a teenager during that era. No one seemed to understand our feelings back then not even our parents and everything's just falling apart. Then this band came and showed us that we are not alone in this world. MCR showed us that it's okay to express our own feelings, it's okay to cry, it's okay to be broken. But always remember that you'll get by. Always remember that somewhere in this world, at least 5 people share and undersrand your feelings.

    To all the MCR fans out there – 🎶We'll carry on. 🎶

  16. ziej silva

    cool video thanks for sharing

  17. aliceinwonderland

    Replay button for free 👉🏼 0:00

  18. That Chick

    Accidently started watching this at speed 1.25x
    Not dissappointed.

  19. Abdul Kharis

    The Umbrella Academy……….

  20. TOP FAN

    Director- how much black and eyeliner do you want in the video?

    Gerard- yes.

  21. Junior Lozano

    Isso me faz lembrar Disk MTV Brasil.

  22. Elisa Isaac

    I remember back when I was first getting into mcr (which was like last year) when I saw the thumbnail for this video, I thought he was tied up to something and the song was gonna be some badass diss on some girl named Helena
    The song was badass but it wasn’t a diss
    And I was so wrong about where it was going and tears started to form so I went into this with a bad assumption ha ha

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