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  1. Xerendity LoL

    Your late game Lee Sin is fucking insane, relative to mine and most I see. I feel useless lategame, yet end it healthy and with GA not popped. Amazing.

  2. Ky Nguyen

    U too old lee not for u. Chinese leesin no 1

  3. daniden12 Dani

    Bossted :]

  4. Emir Birlik

    what grants u +20 after each takedown? i really wanna know


    still shen shan>Grpex

  6. Huu Ffjv

    Nice phantom ladder bro 🖒

  7. arvin edillor

    walang kwenta

  8. Saray Silva

    Podrías carrear mi cuenta en las te la paso para que juegues

  9. Edmon Alviz

    Your insec is scaring me dad😱

  10. Pandem1c

    Gj brother!

  11. Hasan Serhat

    Abi yemin ederim şu adam sayesinde lee sinle eglenip ayni zamanda lig atlamayi orendimq

  12. Pantheon Indahouse

    2:25 song name?

  13. xJoCKeRx

    1:30 song ?? pls and 3:00 ? and 7:35 ?? thx for all 😀 wp bro

  14. Ahmad Hassan

    What happened at 4:16

  15. Leo Wu

    My Brain:"ok!I know how to play leesin with this."
    My Hands:"NO,u don't."

  16. Gabriel Guaman

    He won the last game? i want to know!

  17. iam theking

    Guys I didn't play and watch league for 5 years sorry this question but is he still challenger or not any more?

    PS: Your still clean as fuck.

  18. Beniamin Kaźmierski

    What is the name of the song at the end

  19. familia clay

    4:50 that thresh hahaha

  20. Laughing Bob

    Those winsecs and that last game really left me satisfied with your plays grip. Still the best Lee Sin ever

  21. Sucuklu Rasher

    I love your inseckts

  22. Daniel Navarro

    But did you win that game of the last clip? 😂

  23. osman bagdatlio

    end game win or lose?

  24. Shangan #

    They lost rip

  25. Lotfi Rahim

    Ur being a Chinese lee player 😂❤️

  26. Charles Benedict

    did u win the game bro?????

  27. Death Gun

    i really want to play lee when i watch u but am not good with him 🙁

  28. Artur Kumaira

    Did he win the last game?

  29. Markush

    good plays gripex you are the best

  30. Pinguim Bobinho

    The best lee sin in the world

  31. Bayram Emir KARA

    Edwin leo better than you

  32. Daniel Boone

    There wasn’t a Chinese insec what a click bait

  33. Samuel Bogado

    Ganaron la ultima partida?


    EZ Claps.

  35. D00M

    Im really evolving my lee sin so much thanks to you!! Thanks you made my channel go to 190 subs i know its not a lot but is something

  36. loriane nabrus


  37. Gonzalo Cabral

    I love you gripex..

  38. jorge G

    1:03 going for a second cleaver? X)

  39. 万剑归宗

    2 cleavers ?

  40. alex hauncuer

    Why gripex does not meets sneaky chaseshaco etc. Like scrubnoob?

  41. Yt- Emre

    Türkler burda mı kardeşim baş koymuşum TURKİYEMİN yoluna 🔥🔥🔥

  42. 3rd Oracle

    The God Himself.Well Played Gripex!

  43. Uciha_ Madara

    Best Lee World😘

  44. جلال نفيس


  45. Jan Brzechwa

    What a 200 iq playing on time bro gz, You just MVP last game <3 . This zonya is a powerfull weapon in Your hands. I reall enjoyed this one 😍

  46. Aero CF

    What headphones does he use?

  47. Wolfsing Othgang

    So did you win last game

  48. Cenalettin Şenlik

    Clean sin

  49. redline 123

    You're a GOD broo,love u

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