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  1. Jenny Mustard

    a very mustard xmas – who has been longing for this moment ever since last year ?
    i know i have <3

  2. Perri Kapp

    Yesssss! I love the jingle more than is reasonable! It makes me so happy 😊 probably because each of your videos is like a gift that makes my stressful holiday season so much better

  3. Ela Karczewska

    oats may not be as healthy as one may think… chances are there is glyphosate in there, just like in wheat and other grains… unfortunate…I used to love porridge but don't eat it anymore for that reason… thank you Monsanto aka Bayer… you did f… us up big time…. all in the name of profit.

  4. Diane Lemba

    From where is your gorgeous winter coat coming from ? 🤩🤭

  5. Margaret

    For low waste eyebrow gel that really works- try soap brows! Much cheaper than buying brow products, long lasting, and no excess packaging!

  6. anonymous reviewer

    It Cosmetics makes a great vegan, cruelty free eyebrow gel.

  7. Jana Eiskonfektknisterpapier

    I use the alverde-brow gel for years, I love it!

  8. MinthPanda

    Living for oat milk but I don't like almond (to bitter) and as a girl you shouldn't drink too much (if at all!) Soymilk because it contains enzymes that can mess with you period system

  9. Kiki

    Jenny, without Make-up you are so much more beautiful. Skipp the Make-up the next video. 🎄👏

  10. Laura Sallaerts

    A very mustard christmas is back, yay!

  11. Sarah Bird

    Thanks for video…love the porridge ideas…I use coconut milk at the moment…I kinda swap nd change ….I missed the bronzing serum nd blush what brand is it and where could a buy them?

  12. AlliAsAlways

    What a lovely routine. 🙂

  13. Sandra Lemke

    Huhu Jenny,

    where did you buy your wooden Sideboard?
    I really like it!

  14. lucien

    porridge (is (definetly) a cult)

  15. Sivan ReFried Vintage

    Crime novel!!!! Whaaaat! Want to hear more more more

  16. Cassie

    LOVE the video <3 <3 as always!

    I don't know if my opinion on this part matters.. but I don't like how the thumbnail cuts off most of your face. It kind of makes it seem impersonal and more about 'how to obtain a skinny body' or something, which is so not what you are going for! Idk if I am right here, but that's the vibes I get from it. Of course I know your video will be awesome so I click anyway 🙂

  17. Elizabeth Sagewood

    YASSSS my favourite time of year with the Mustards. I'm going to have the jingle stuck in my head all day – not a bad thing <3

  18. Kevin Cordo

    I use soap as eyebrow gel, It really works! Give it a try, glycerine soap works the best.

  19. cazishere11

    I need that dressing gown in my life. I will wear it to the porridge cult meetings

  20. EmmaP678

    You don't actually need eyebrow gel. Instead when you mascara runs out wash and keep the brush part and use that. Just put it under the tap for a second and brush those eyebrows 😉

  21. xlaudia1989

    You look so pretty with this innocent make up!

  22. Leilarhymeswithsheila

    I find myself humming, ‘🎼A very Mustard Christmas’ a lot. 🎵🎼🎵 🎄

  23. Emelia Söderlund

    Yey it's that catchy intro again! x

  24. Chandre Busschau

    Hi! Look at Dr Hauschka's brow and lash gel!

  25. Sonja So

    Hey Jenny, for your eyebrows you could use a tiny amount of castor oil. It’s also nourishing the brows. Greetings from a wonderful winter wonderland in Tyrol where I’m relaxing for a few days in my most beloved nature hotel. But since yesterday evening there is a tiny baby mouse in my room in the 3rd (!) floor 🙀😻 I cannot catch it and it will not go outside anymore🤣 So surprisingly I spend my holidays with my holiday animal mouse and share my gingerbread! Isn’t it all about sharing these days?!🤗 Thx for your inspiring videos ! Sonja

  26. mari moutsopoulos

    soap for eyebrows!
    you just need a tiny bit of water and a brush and you're done ^^

  27. Karen

    Almond milk all the way!

  28. iiola Official

    You can use organic Castile soap with a little water and a re-usable mascara wand. ‘Soap brows’ is also good because it comes in a tin but I’m not sure if it’s organic. ☺️ x

  29. Nadja Drobot

    Not so much makeup, It basicly all makeup that I own and use, may be I'm a makeup minimalist? 🤔😉)
    And we almost don't have any sun in autumn and winter in Russia, Saint-Petersburg, so there is no need for any SPF 😁🌨️

  30. Maria Cousins

    I think this is my third mustard Christmas 🤔 yay!

  31. adya87

    Love love love it!!! You are getting me in a cosy Xmas spirit 😊

  32. LA Sloan

    Porridge (is a cult) 🤓

  33. Bookupied

    Love these kind of videos!

  34. alegra c

    truly missed the little jingle glad to see it’s back! ⛄️

  35. ALatsiou

    Really enjoyed this one Jenny! Which barre class do you go to if you don’t mind sharing?

  36. Lucy Holmes

    Sunday, crusty Sunday…..

  37. joyi

    As an Indian it amazes me when a routine doesn't include a bath, especially after workout.

  38. Maroulio

    Just wonderful. I really loved watching this. I love oatmeal but I make mine into cookies, just banana and oatmeal, with cardamon and cinnamon year 'round. I have two every morning with either 'Jenny Jam' or other fruit- right now satsuma mandarins, a pear or a granny apple. I always have a small coffee.

  39. Elena Hurley

    ‘Porridge. it’s a cult’ new tshirt?

  40. Nordling

    Try soap brows! 😊 such a powerful and stronghold! And tames even the most stubborn brow hairs! (Swear I am not sponsored by soap… 😅) just use a organic, sustainable and clear one! You can get them package free in bulk stores – love from DK

  41. Mirsa Shaheera

    Hourglass clear brow product! Plus it’s vegan


    Hi Jenny! Where is that Easel Shelf from?

  43. Lily Wojciechowski

    Where is that robe from ????😍🤩

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