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  1. livia2081

    The outfit looks really pretty . Makes me wanna get back into cosplaying now

  2. Jalisa One


  3. محبت كوريا


  4. suga stole my wig .

    yumi u inspired me to buy a sewing machine now i make costumes..

  5. Crystal chin

    Is was awesome meeting you, getting be in your video, and tasting your cooking. XD!! I hope you this again. You're awesome with lots of love the girl red and gray jacket.

  6. Mibuk Desjarlais

    I just saw Sollux.
    Hi Sollux!!!! ^0^

  7. Cola chi


  8. はると

    💙❤️“If it is coming out of my heart, i will do good”❤️💙

  9. Célia Rose

    your custume was very lovely & your husband is very nice love u guys 💜

  10. Diane Fields

    You are good speech and beautiful costumes you wear on stage. It’s amazing. 👍🤟🏽😘📱

  11. Red Pands

    she inspires me

  12. Christina A

    Happy late birthday 🎈♡

  13. Joe Joker

    U did great 玉米姐姐 Thanks for sharing. 尔的cosplay outfit is very cute😮((U did great on ur speech))

    And it's so cool that ur have a supportive husband.

  14. polariize

    I knew I saw the autumn viewing set costume…

  15. Min Yoongi11


  16. Junie Oliveira

    Algum br aqui ??? 😜

  17. Hipster Films

    ayeee i'm a cameo lol

  18. Nancy Espinosa

    Super cute

  19. green roses leave

    ما احلاكي ماشالله I'm Arabian

  20. Odikumla Imchen

    Your hair is gorgeous

  21. Odikumla Imchen

    You look so cute!!

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