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  1. Tech of Tomorrow

    It feels so good to just be able to put on normal shoes and walk again, I am so grateful to everyone from fans and friends to my nurses and doctors!!! Thank you all so very much for your support and help.

  2. Shaahin

    Great news. Go vegan for better results

  3. Over Da Edge Broadcasting

    I have Diabetes and my feet are in pain all the time, I want to what you do but expensive maybe ill work out yea.

  4. Romulino

    stop eating sugar man. just accept you can't do it. don't play around with such a serious thing. I'm so happy you are getting better but the suggar stuff got me worried.

  5. 1967 kID

    Im happy that you're doing good stay healthy God bless you .

  6. murdastick


  7. Applejack

    Good on you, Sir!

  8. Calvin Campbell

    You are incredible my friend and keep doing what you do and never give up

  9. Frank Degan

    Way to go man!

  10. Alex Howe

    Glad you got your health back man.

  11. mangkaw321

    Sir Elric try to eat more indian food as I did not see yet an indian with diabetes

  12. mangkaw321

    so happy to hear that sir!!

  13. thor van nieuwenhoven

    good to hear man , you scared us !

  14. David Dimovski

    Plant based + Exercise = Goodbye diabetes. (in majority of cases)

  15. Hydro Taoist

    Do not focus on losing weight. Focus on nothing more then working out every day and gaining strength. Trust me, your a MAN don't worry about losing weight. Your primary goal is to get stronger and all the pieces will fall into place. TRUST ME.

  16. Aki Fx

    Stretching is also a good idea you mentioned your back got injured but there are still ways to stretch. When i was younger my feet always hurt after doing something but when i started stretching the pain was gone. Also stretching helps with back pain and other stuff and you feel amazing after stretching then go lying on your back it hurts in a good way for couple seconds that's how u know its working.

  17. Justin Ferdinand

    Good to see my main man Elric healthy again. TOT

  18. Glen Welch

    Many blessings brother!

  19. pappe oeki

    it is good to hear that you are finally in a good place! health is the most important thing to make everything happen in a positive way! keep up the good work and lets go to more adventures on the youtube!!!!

  20. Chemy Torres

    It's nice to hear you are finally getting better in all ways, regarding to the new channel the most the better because I think you will have an increase in your income from YouTube doing it this way, maybe in wrong, but also for the reasons you said, so people can follow you in the topic they want

  21. Moises Silva

    Congrats dude! 👏👏👏👏👏

  22. Andrew T

    Reverse diabetes, stop treating it with pills and insulin shots, fasting helps tremendously.

  23. Faruq 9854

    Healthy? Good

  24. Murrant Diller

    Happy to hear, that you are doing well 🙂

  25. v3z

    That's amazing news man. Congratulations! Let's keep pushing forward my man. 💪🏼🦵🏼

  26. ademar9988


  27. Marios Karampalis

    So happy for you man! I must be subscribed to your chanel 6-7 years now and i remember the old videos.

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