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  1. Paul Normandin

    Only video when its sponsored…LOL Trash

  2. Merel Marjieh

    More vlogs like this. YES!!!!

  3. Taylor Elizabeth

    Girl, you are FLAWLESS I’m the morning 🥰

    Can anyone tell me if she has a website for her gym? I NEED to go!😩

  4. Becca and Nick

    For your journal did you just make up what you write down every morning or did you pull inspiration from anywhere? Could use some recommendations I want to start doing that too!

  5. Sydney May

    Tori: Wakes up at 5:40am
    Me watching this: Wow it’s 5:00am I should go to bed

  6. Heather Nicole

    what happened to her 2020 podcast??? I loved it, honestly her best one yet.

  7. Alyssa Reddick

    Love love love your vlogs.

  8. Destinee Mulcahy

    92 til infinity ❤️
    Can’t wait for Circles on Friday!

  9. alexa lauryn

    anyone know what happened and why she changed her youtube name from sterling to DeSimone?? Confused!

  10. Candise Thea

    Omg what kinda spin class was that !? Looked awesome! If my gym had spin like that I might do it.

  11. Victoria Núñez


  12. Lou Steven

    I love watching healthy videos that are so motivational while eating a whole bar of chocolate at 3 am

  13. Shreya

    dont you complain about having long hair for when you spin? whyd you get extensions then?

  14. Sophie Marie

    have can you wake up between 4-6am everyday, nahhhh

  15. hiya !

    Hi, what editing program do you use?🥰

  16. Katie Hale

    What’s your matcha recipe???

  17. Good Hello Everyone

    Love the video but considering the costs and atrocious customer service reviews of Daily Harvest, it really doesn't seem that great. The idea is good, the application terrible.

  18. Not Counting Sheep

    Your extensions look like those Elsa clip on braids from Walmart.

  19. BriahnaNicole

    Would love a hair vid! Love you Girl! #ManifestFam

  20. Cameron

    I’ve been rewatching all your vids bc I need some Tori in my life 🤍🤍

  21. Lia Mussie

    love seeing more of you! 💛💛💛 my girl!

  22. Brooke Butler

    when tori sleeps in until 5:45 and you've never woken up that early in your life

  23. Lorraine Salas

    Where can we listen to your podcasts?& love your videos tori😍❤

  24. macie kate

    I’m so excited to see what’s to come for you this year! I’ve been watching your videos for years and I love following your growth and see you find things you love and are passionate about.

  25. Riana

    Omg I want too go too your spin class it’s like rave 😱😱love it ❤️

  26. Isabelle Rea

    since when have you been plant based? i thought you ate chicken and stuff?

  27. That_Chick_Like_Me

    Haven’t even watched the video yet and I already gave it a thumbs up and commented lol! Love tori!!

  28. Maddy Lee

    Did you go true to size with the ex boyfriend jacket from urban?? Or did you size up?

  29. Wendy Romero

    Check out carloandwendy account for plant based diet recipes!

  30. erin renaud

    you seem so happy w life rn!!! i love this 2020 energy babbyyy!!!

  31. MomLifewithKay

    Love your morning routine 💗💗💗

  32. Abigail Alway

    so cool to watch this after listening to the pod this morning, almost like two different perspectives on the same day!

  33. Libby Davis

    can you do a hair and skin care video??

  34. Kyra Kersting

    It’s been a while since your last post I was worried that you quit YouTube

  35. Anna Faye

    woah my clock was 10:20 when you said it was 10:20

  36. Jensen Bales

    Make a full video on how to get into manifestation and law of attraction please!!

  37. Alexis Michelle

    would love to see a legging/jogger collection video with your reviews of them and uses xoxo

  38. Brooke Casto

    Missed you!!!!!!!💕🔥

  39. Emma Reiley

    How do you do well with disciplining yourself to go to bed early??

  40. Celene Dobbs

    I never realized stRIDE was only 4 hours away from me. I may have to make the drive sometime!

  41. Halle Knox

    Sweatshirt 🥺

  42. Alisha S

    How did you get yourself into the routine of waking up so early? I don't sleep well at night & get on average like 5 hours of sleep & thats with sleeping in & going to bed at 11. However I'm going to be a wedding planner & I would like to already have an adult entrepreneur wake up schedule at like 5 or 6am. & YA GIRL IS STRUGGLING! So send help, advice pleaseeeeee

  43. Rolesha Morris

    Hey.♥ I love this 100%. Great video.💕 Xoxo.💕

  44. MontanaDior

    Whewww gurrrlll this video was right on time… bedtime LOL 💜😂

  45. Alex Madsen

    "I swear I punched myself in the face" lmao I felt that

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