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  1. Love Sweat Fitness

    Sooo excited to show you girls my new Fall Routine! What is the biggest change in your routine going into the fall season?

  2. Dildar Abdurexit

    Don’t workout with makeup 💄

  3. Mariana Alcoforado

    Hi Katie, can you share the thyroid essential oils blend you use? I have the same problem and wanted to give it a try. Thank you!

  4. Brigi T

    Hi!!! Loved this video! Could you please list the makeup products that you used and which shades. Love how it came out and how easy you made it look to apply. ❤️

  5. Apostle Marissa Sharp Freeman

    I’ll be honest, in South Texas, we really don’t know what fall is, LOL! 😂 Everyone talks about it getting chilly, leaves 🍁 turning color, pumpkin spice, cozy blankets ….In South Texas, maybe end of Oct, beginning of Nov, one day it’s still 95 degrees. The next day, you wake up, and it’s 50 outside! No transition at all! And you go, “Shoot! Where’s my jacket (While standing around in your shorts)? I know I had one last year…I think?” 😂 Then, you’re throwing off the warm blankets the next day or so because it goes back to 90. Texas weather is so insane, LOL! But I sure like the idea of fall! 😃 And I looooove your routine videos! Truly the highlight of my day! 🤗 God bless you! 🤗 🍁 💕

  6. Bree McNamara

    I love how you foam roll while you do your makeup lol. That’s actually a really good idea 😂

  7. Kim K.

    Love this!! Have you done a house/decor &/or kitchen favorites video!?! I am obsessed with your style and want everything you have😂🥰

  8. Debra Roth

    Katie how old are you I was just wondering that and do you ever plan to have any kids at all

  9. Ashton Pullin

    What is the essential oil blend you made for thyroid??! I would love to try it!

  10. Samuel Bicknell

    can you do a fall night routine?

  11. Trudy Levros Rodgers

    How do you detox your armpit? You mentioned it on your video. Any advise?

  12. PinkJG619

    Can you share the recipe for your thyroid oil roller?

  13. hypnocilicdreams

    Thumbs up, every time!

  14. Elaine Mabray


    Where did u buy your cute blk polka dots pumpkins?

  15. Shasta Nelson

    What eyebrow stuff do you use?

  16. Kelsey Rasefske

    Favorite active wear brands???

  17. Payton Jade

    How long will your code for the scale be available ?? 🙂

  18. Sydney Smalling

    Where is the burnt orange workout set from?

  19. lizandra hernández castro

    I love your night table ❤️

  20. Jamie Lee Ashton

    I love your healthy fall morning routine 😊😍

  21. Holly Brooksher

    Omg Katie you are seriously so inspiring!! You're videos are so real and positive I appreciate you so much!!! Where did you get the pillows on your bed? The white ones with polka dots are the cutest! Also the PJs!

  22. Michelle Blankenship

    I was blessed to come across your Instagram to be following you. 💖🙏

  23. Amisha Bandodkar

    First thing I do in morning is probably peeing

  24. MomLifewithKay

    Loving this morning routine so much 🍂💗💗💗

  25. Emily Herring

    Favorite kinds of videos.. and the what you eat in a day, love those too so much!

  26. Angelica Eka

    Love the video. Where did you get your pjs and workout outfit? Trying to be more body positive and wear tings that make me feel good. 💕

  27. Madalina Lehene

    Love your videos Katie, you inspire me, but think about the bacterias in your mouth, especially accumulating throw out the night (no wonder that human bite is said to be more dangerous than a dog bite) and I don't think it's ok to drink water exactly as you wake up. You just swallow all those bacteria and take them to the stomach. I first brush my teeth to have a fresh and clean mouth and only then drink water.

  28. Aud

    Your outfits are so cute!

  29. Yova Dushkova

    Great one ☝️ 🙂 very motivating and inspirational 🙂 Starting the Booty change right away 🙂

  30. Anya Gonzalez

    Katie:" I don't want them to get lost in my closet"

    Me: Looks at my closet at the end of the week and sees just 3 sad shirts hanging.

  31. Jj s

    Every time she says cozy take a shot

  32. Amy McGrath

    I love your orange outfit.

  33. Gigi Marie

    Fall night routine please ! These are my favorite ❤️ so motivating !

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