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  1. Being Better

    Wonderful video. I like people talking about this. I have a channel and I talk about my agoraphobia recovery

  2. Whitney Haynes


  3. P ar

    I struggle every day to get out of my bed. I wake up and all the thought of my past life come rushing like a flood. .i can't hold back a flood by myself so I quickly get over run with the past sins of my life. I abused my first wife and children when I was young( in my 20 and early 30s. I'm 55 now and by the grace of God I am a very different man. I've been married to my second wife of 25 years now and we love each other very deeply. However the better I get the more my past seems wrong and the worse I feel about it. I grew up in a family that had problems. My mother was very depressed, and my dad was a drunk who had me drinking by the age of 5. despite being ignored and being whipped I loved and looked up to my parents. Today my problem is I want my wife to be happy but feel I cant give her what she needs. She is the last person in my life and I don't ever want to loose her. Iv'e thought of suicide ( that looks like an accident so she could get out from under my problems and also collect life insurance But I could never hurt her of leave her like that. I realy need to find a way to make peace with self and god so my wife and I can enjoy what life we have left. I've been to counseling many times, and I was even a therapist for many years. I gave poeple test and sat in groups asking people hwo they frlt about tthis or that and then told them to red a book ao take a walk or listen to music, these are suppose to help. not me. any help please. thanks.a anybs a solution. But I can't do it as long as my wife is in the picture. I love her to much to

  4. Ben Hillman

    Thank you for sharing this! I didn't consider my mental health until somewhat recently… so so SO grateful I did.

  5. Parallel Wellness

    Thanks for sharing your experience, so candidly! ❤️

  6. Gary Millar

    Blah blah blah, this video was just shite. Babbling on and didnt make sense.

  7. nightmares

    People can be so rude tho and it hurts

  8. nightmares

    I need to fix myself

  9. Jennica Mae

    I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder at the beginning of August 2019.

  10. Derrick Lawter

    I host a mental health vlog on my channel that I think everyone here would really connect with. It is entertaining but also a deep dive into the struggles we all face every day! Just remember you are not alone!

  11. New Leaf Programme

    Very brave of you to do this well done, good luck for the future Renee



  13. Shaun Grace

    Great vids. Congrats on good editing
    I'm lucky, as know what to do thus keeping straight life, so take or leave the following
    Inward pressure = meant to give/help others as subconcious is forcing you with opposite force. Giving up is a no. So, past well handled Renee
    No pressure = u don't have problems so don't make one for u or others

  14. In God We Trust

    They bullied you because you are a light and they aren’t. Keep on being awesome 💛

  15. Will Holmes

    If anyone feels alone there's a great app called Vent which was made specifically to help people find others who need someone to talk to. I've been using it for a couple of years now and there's no judgement and they are very strict against bullying. I'd highly recommend it! EDIT: here’s a download link: Check out Vent, the most vibrant and supportive social network! https://get.vent.co/yEgR1uZ8M0

  16. Margaux Labbe-Chapuis

    Thank you so much Renee for opening up in this video, I truly feel less alone and have answers to all my struggles… It really is a struggle everyday that nobody can understand unless you have gone through it … I wish you a beautiful day gorgeous <3

  17. Jocelyn Kelly

    I feel like a lot of the time girls are raised differently from boys. Girls are raised being overly protected and being sensitive. Guys are raised to protect and to stand up for themselves. Girls need to be taught how to stand up for themselves and be independent also because I think it would help us to feel more confident and have a good self-esteem.

  18. doc gordon

    You really want to get rid anxiety, here is the cure. drink in the morning 6 oz. fresh water a 1 table spoon of real lemon juice every morning , then change your shampoo an body supplies
    your getting toxicity from the chemicals in them. good luck Godspeed.

  19. Lin Williams

    Much love Renee 😘 it was a brave and inspiring video. I hear you sister… all the way from Llanfaethlu (ask Noah to pronounce) Ynys Môn, North Wales X

  20. Grace Blondell

    I am SO glad i found your channel renee!! with every video i see we’re more and more similar like with all of the fears and issues that you’ve had. like seriously, the abandonment and the defense mechanisms building up walls and fears of being judged and alllll the anxieties and the being sheltered as a kid and so on. your videos really do help me feel a lot less alone and give me hope when i need it 🙂 I know you’ve been struggling with the whole youtube thing but i’m glad you posted this anyways and had the kindness and courage to be so open because i needed it this week. thank you!

  21. Deepannita Das

    I’ve had a lot of the same struggles with friends esp back in high school and until I watched your video I actually didn’t realize how much it has impacted me. Tbh your journey seems so much like mine and I’m so glad I came across this. Sending you all the good vibes Renee❤️

  22. Miranda Danielle

    Thank you for this Renee. I love your videos and how open and educated you are ☺️✨

  23. Jana AL-Aatassi

    Can't wait for your products!!!!!

  24. Daz Baldwin

    Thanks for such a great and open video Renee – sharing your story is always difficult, but I know from my own experience, it really helps a lot 😃

  25. Leanne Jenkins

    You are amazing to share your story 🖤 I definitely agree with the shielding. I was shielded from mental health issues when I was a child which I understand why but I think all of the children's mental health campaigns are amazing in helping children understand and be able to cope with their feelings.

  26. Katrina Dela Cruz

    You look like Jessica Clements + Margot Robbie?!?! 😮😍

  27. nasim sadra

    it takes a lot of courage to talk about this kind of stuff . courage is not being or act like you’re flawless, but being ok with all of the flaws you might have and don’t be ashamed. I’m proud of you.

  28. Nephie Marie

    I've had anxiety since high school it just hit me out of nowhere.. Im in my early 30s now and Ive taken meds ever since…alot of what u went thru I did too I'm such a perfectionist.. But im glad you made this video it opens peoples eyes that it is a real thing and that it can be hard to just let things go and im not alone.. Thank you Renee! 😊😘💜

  29. Abdullah Farid

    I have also written a few things about my experience here :


  30. bethany bish

    I always have loved you and your videos and this has to be one of the best you have made x I understand all of this and can relate x mainly since most is happening now xx 💋

  31. Kimberly Whisenant

    Hi Rene I really enjoyed your video! I'm sorry to hear about you being bullied. I also have a mild case of anxiety, and depression! I also grew up in a sheltered home. I had a few close friends in Junior High! I also had a little OCD. I'm glad you're seeing a psychiatrist! I have my hobbies to keep me positive! Take Care, Kim!😊

  32. Forever Faith

    Can you make a video on what your doing to help your mental health please ? ❤️

  33. Forever Faith

    I used to worry if I plugged out things when I was away from home so now I take a picture before I go so I know for sure it’s ok 🙂 this might work for locks, then you’ll know you’ve checked 🙂

  34. julia z

    Such a good video
    Thank you for sharing your story ❤️

  35. Sayam Nagpal

    Baby i now how u feel we both gave alittle same stry just coz i m boy soo my issues r little different but that feeling is same but its a life we should experience more i have step dad and my mom never reveal that i have step that coz i was very same when they both get married and i didnt remeber much but its okay he is a nice dad i feel everything happen for got

  36. Katelyn Parah

    You did an excellent job talking about how your past informs your present without blaming people in your past or using those experiences as an excuse. Kudos, Renee…thanks for being vulnerable ☺️

  37. Rebecca Dixon

    I love you so much! Your insight and wisdom truly amaze me. I am beyond proud of you my dear ❤

  38. Esther Shapland

    You should do a podcast 💓

  39. Destination Taste

    Your and amazing person Reene and a very strong woman!!!! 😘

  40. Reilla Queen

    Wow what you said makes so much sense. I can’t trust anyone and it’s hard for me to open up and I think it’s one of the reasons I can’t get along with people and I’m single and never had a boyfriend. I wonder what’s the solution for this. It’s good to know that it’s based on my past

  41. Suzanne Begley

    Renee, thank you for this video! So many things you mentioned I completely relate to.

  42. Swathi Rajeshwaran

    @renee amberg I was a lottttt like you as a kid too , would always want things to be perfect, kept cleaning my room my shelves, to this day I find it very important to keep my things a certain way, and if it’s any different , I feel soo out of place , as though I can’t even function.

  43. Claudia Benedetti

    I can relate to you so much..

  44. vydyanath madapathi

    Can u do October plan with me pls

  45. The C Unicorn

    That’s so true 🤩🤩😞

  46. Sandra Cosgrove

    your so strong <3

  47. Azar Hajgozar

    thank you for opening up and you're truly amazing.

  48. New Narrative

    You are not alone, Renée. 🧡💛

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