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  1. Egi


  2. Denise

    Wait, why is she concerned about his weight? He looks like a normal, healthy baby. Babies need more fat in order grow properly.

  3. Loki Odinson

    I asked for a younger brother I didn’t get one….I’m the fricken youngest in the family I don’t want to be but of course my parents are now down with kids. Just unfair. This mom over there making more babies because her kid wants her to…..

  4. Sarah James

    Awesome big sister.

  5. Andrew Sherry

    its wholesome hour

  6. Rena Loren

    Where can we follow themmm

  7. Nevolet

    why is a tiny kid used to drinking soda anyway??

  8. Mon A

    His eyes are very cute. It reminds me of BTS suga aww haha

  9. Almas Khan

    Its so weet how they always stick to each other
    I hope this continues for these sweet little angels ♡♡♡♡

  10. cyrus

    he ate her cheek.


    I'm 10 years older than my brother and hes my baby. Hes a grown man and I still see him as my baby. They will be close. College will be a challenge to be apart but they will be ok. I only wanted a baby brother as well. I'm gonna go call my brother now lol

  12. Alex Chan

    Loving family … where is daddy?

  13. Sadeer Kadem

    10 years later

    The truth is you eat fake food


  14. Jiimy

    One day he gon fool his sister

  15. Cake Skywars

    They are so cute I can't-

  16. nini chkheidze

    While me and my brother fight EVERY DAY

  17. poeticjustus311

    Where can I watch these two, they are soo cute

  18. Jamie Culver

    Smart girl

  19. Rosemary izsvd

    Oh my ,if he's not the cutest lil angel on the face of the earth! I need one of him. ❤❤❤❤

  20. TheWorstGachaTuber

    Why isn't the mom doing all this?

  21. vuthy sitha

    Kid are so dumb 😂
    That goodness I'm not 1 of them

  22. Alanna Carlson

    "Has trouble losing weight" HE'S A BABY.

  23. Vann Leofold

    Cute pero stay away from philippines

  24. better late than never

    The moment he tastes the fake his face just screams, " Duh F*** you give me", and just continues to eat it.

  25. Drowned Kid

    Oh… all this time I thought it was right to throw healty food at people not trick them. This is better tho 😀

    I will never throw a zucchini again I promise

  26. Rider tho

    Can somebody be my sister like that? Im 33 tho.

  27. marsellinus yongke

    What is their Ig or channel?

  28. Danar Reichi

    Takagi in real life 🤣

  29. Y A S H N Y

    I want to bite his cheeks

  30. JaelaJanese

    he so cuteeeee😍

  31. Szilard 312

    Why is this in my recommended??

  32. YaBoiiiHarry

    "we've been tricked, we've been backstabbed and we've been quite possibly, bamboozled"

  33. TicTacBen

    Revolution of our time!

  34. Alucard Wolfgang

    His sister should get karma

  35. Opah Trong

    so cute!!!!!!😗😗

  36. Chirag Jayaraj

    The baby is gonna grow up and have trust issues.

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