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  1. Paranormal Crucible

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  2. Franky Squadrito

    OMG its the voices
    The voices
    Of them

  3. Franky Squadrito

    Oh Yea

  4. Racoon Mario

    I hope it does disappear and don't come back

  5. Racoon Mario

    How can a city float like that all the buildings are going to fall how did it get there

  6. Coolnicewolf56 Ajpw

    Its heaven ppl

  7. Jordan Dupar

    So we just gone act like thats not the Hidden Cloud Village … only thing that makes sense to me lol

  8. Jasper Ferkranus

    Faaaaaaakeeeee!!! Go watch captain dissilossin boyyyyy

  9. Sarthak Mishra

    Dat's ma houme.. ❤️

  10. R VideoKo

    Technology now a days. Whoa

  11. OM Senang

    that city major is Sun Go Kong

  12. rainbow bliss the Galaxy cat

    It could be heven

  13. Teire Brooks

    Maybe It’s goku house

  14. sehaitt

    if it's faked, show me the city or picture they used to superimpose over the clouds. easy.

  15. Svetlana Shurochkina

    Revelation 21,2:" I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. "

  16. Topp Sick

    If Donald trump moved there he would build a wall around the city to keep immigrants out an mean while hes a immigrant himself😂😂😂

  17. Frank de roma

    How fucking stupid are poeple these days makes a cavemen looks like a genius

  18. Rudy VanBuskirk

    It's gas reflecting up the lights of Venus.

  19. Varnium

    Editing low-resolution and blurry videos is kids stuff. Be a pro and edit HD quality videos dude!

  20. AR _ KhAn


  21. Jayson Maglaqui

    Katulad dn pla sya ng biringan city

  22. Nico cc

    Simply… Blue beam project..do some research on that

  23. ikarus7779

    What the fuck this is fake u stupid kids

  24. Angelo Bortoluzzi

    Wellcome guys

  25. [ V H S ]

    I don't know what to say

  26. ItsYeBoiMaxwell 07

    Its not a flying city its tall buildings just over the clouds my dad told me

  27. iiRoyal


  28. Hangman official

    "China's technological achievements"
    Y'all know that the most recent aviation project of theirs is just a copy paste of the F35, right?
    I'm not sure how the same nation would make a flying cloud city, lmao

  29. David E. Miller

    Fata Morgana.

  30. Dill Pickles

    Omg its Columbia guys

  31. Dhritiman Sharma

    Superstitious Chinese

  32. TazeHavuc


  33. Retro Gaming God

    Im not falling for it, dislike.

  34. Fady

    To bad its fake :/

  35. Cookie

    Parallel universe govt is showing how developed they are in case they need votes from this universe in future.

  36. Susan Mwangi

    New Jerusalem

  37. Rose Phoenix

    This is the only technology that China have everything that manufacture over there in China how you say everything that China makes every single around the world or any new ideas this is like a holograph but you need a big fat device every scene of China if you don't believe me. I will give you a clue here at 10 if it got it at telescope and then you put it right there in the top of it that what you see it and then when you put a flashlight on it into the closet. I got plowed into the sky

  38. J.J.moony

    Wow a floating alien spacecraft city or a hologram

  39. Agustin Bautista

    That was my dreams

  40. Driver Aish

    7d hologram technology from set light

  41. *thedreadfulsoundwave 732*

    I'd like to live there but hate to fall

  42. Angie Babasa


  43. Conan Daisy

    It cloumbia it has EVOLVED

  44. Ken Ong Thaplayer1209

    It is fake though.

  45. Justmyvision

    U fucken moron

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