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  1. jenan savanath

    world war Z was right, the zombie plague begins in China

  2. Abar Rolugos

    Make sure no Chinese gets near u

  3. Nathan Kwok

    The first week in 2020
    WW3 and mysterious pneumonia disease
    I really miss 2019 now . The new decade is trying to scare us

  4. Nathan Kwok

    I’m so scared , I’m in China right now

  5. Nicolas Salazar

    Alright everyone please restrict all flights from and in China

  6. Abdul Aziz


  7. erick chandra

    They have to resolve this outbreak before Chinese New Year, or the epidemic can go wildly across the country or might be global.

  8. Oc Boi

    Currently Objective:
    Run To Greenland

  9. Jen Yuen

    It's an attack. Period.

  10. FrostBurnTV


  11. Explosive Mode Sonic Maurice the Hedgehog

    Uh oh,2020 is going to be the natural disaster year replacing 2019,which is the man-made disaster year.

  12. シメノフイヴォ・

    noooo , 😭😭😭🇨🇳❤

  13. Dee B

    WW3 and a Zombie Apocalypse. Great.

  14. Skcyte

    WW3 and now an outbreak?

  15. Victor Ray

    It’s a biological weapon. China is testing biological weapons against its citizens.

  16. D

    C C Pneumonia

  17. bob dales

    There will always be new types of viruses and diseases. There's many many more yet undiscovered.
    Humans are creating it and don't even know it.

  18. angelfire520

    SARS2: The comeback kid

  19. bagoes hardiansyah

    world war Z

  20. unifieddynasty


  21. Brick Life

    the chicken pecking the pigeon is very funny!

  22. Tian Ko

    china no sanitation not surprised

  23. kitty x

    It's another Plague of 2020

  24. DaDesstroyer 610

    bad way to start the year

  25. Javabasily

    Maybe there is a plague in 2020 and it’s starting in wuhan

  26. DarkZerol

    So who's patient zero?

    We need to track the patient down ASAP in order to quarantine him/her so that we can synthesize a cure before we all turn into zombies.

  27. wee shuggie

    See what happens when you poo in the streets!

  28. sonnick

    Ok, sars 2.0

  29. Good Man

    Global warming release ancient diseases from the ice.

  30. Strawbetty

    i hope nobody travels out of that region….

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