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  1. mucast

    So, how do you like Obama Care now?

  2. TheWuschelMUC

    It is – in about any civilised country.

  3. Darusdei

    i haven't heard about any downgrades.

  4. F Rodgers

    The US doesn't have universal care, their system is a mess.

  5. mucast

    What are you talking about? What kind of foolish reasoning is that?
    The US, New Zealand, Russia, Kuwait are not developing nations and rank below Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica's Health Expenditure Per Capita is 50, while the UK's is 26, and Cuba's is 118.

    Cuba is the poorest of the three, how can you explain this?

  6. mucast

    What are you talking about 1st World Country?

    You guys have been downgraded and your outlook in the World chart shows Negative, which means you'll probably be downgraded again… soon!

    Kuwait is better then you guys, wake up! Do your homework.

  7. F Rodgers

    Well that is still a developing nation.

  8. mucast

    I'm from Costa Rica.

    Some say that we have one of the best health care in Latin America. If we do, the World standard for Universal Health Care is not very strict. On the other hand, Private Health Care is very good, but of course is more costly.

  9. F Rodgers

    Where are you from?

  10. mucast

    What do you mean I don't have universal health care? I grew up with it and it only "worked" in my childhood, when our population was one 1/6 of what it is now and we had no immigration problems. Once this system is established there's no way of taking it away. Out of 200 my country ranks 36 in the world just above the USA, and our system is bankrupt. France ranks #1 in the world and it system is fighting Universal Care's high costs. $ should go to health care no Gov. Bureaucrats or Insurance Co.

  11. F Rodgers

    No, you don't have universal health care, however I have grown up with universal health care and know what its like. The UK has had it since 1948 and no Conservative government has taken it away, because doing so they would risk never seeing the inside of Downing Street again.

  12. mucast

    Sorry you're mistaking. Gov. will need more money in order to pay more salaries and higher pensions for the NEW bureaucrats. They'll impose new taxes, this is precisely what happens in this type of monopolized system, but don't worry, Americans will find out about this soon enough. This is a worldwide problem. We've have had this type of system since 1941 and now it doesn't work because of population growth, inflation, currency devaluation, drug prices, ilegal immigration, and gov. corruption.

  13. F Rodgers

    Without spending so much on health care premiums people would have more money, some may choose to spend it on paying off other debts, some may invest it or start a business.

  14. F Rodgers

    That doesn't really work so much as an example, seeing as South American nations are mostly developing nations ruled by a dictator, whereas America is a long-standing developed nation run by democratically-elected officials. Two thirds of bankruptcies in America come from health care costs, yes Universal Health care would mean more taxes, but it would still be less than your current premiums and more rewarding in the long term.

  15. genYprogressive83

    Ok this is where I lost my support for Gravel.

  16. constantrvlr

    It's easy, when you go to the hosp, don't sign a thing and make sure your family doesn't either. Bam!! Free healthcare, they can't turn you away…….

  17. Max Maxium

    I hear you.
    I did not have health insurance due to a pre-existing condition so I went to a Community healthcare clinic that is lower cost for the uninsured. All I had to pay was $15 for having a physical and a blood test.
    The community clinic doctor treated my leg right away–no questions asked.
    If I had insurance, I'd have to wait too–and I probably would have died from a blood clot before the insurance company made a decision.
    Now I have insurance through my job.

  18. Chris Kelly

    @Darusdei sorry I mean't to say don't have waiting times like that, our system is a hybrid

  19. Darusdei

    @irishgodfatherchris well i'm sad to hear that australia's healthcare system sucks…
    but just because it sucks for you doesn't really mean that it has to suck for everyone else.

  20. Chris Kelly

    @Darusdei and I'll tell you why other first-world do have waiting times like that, there are two reasons, one is per capita other countries have more doctors per head and every other first-world has Universal Healthcare in some form or another

  21. Darusdei

    @mucast lol, why are you comparing a 1st world country to a bunch of third world countries?
    almost every 1st world country offers healthcare and NONE of them have the wait times you just listed.

  22. mucast

    @Darusdei That all you can say? Looks like this topic is over you head!
    Why don't you travel south of the boarder to really see how a Gov. run Health Care System works.

    If you really want to fix your Health Care, you wouldn't want to copy our socialist system! Your government should offer you something better, than what our governments in Latin America offers us.

  23. Darusdei

    @mucast yeah, you're pretty stupid.

  24. Genius by Design

    What happens when your expense exceed the voucher ?

  25. coolmountains25

    Gravels argument from 1:45 – 2:01 is interesting but he makes it seem like 'freeing up the market system' is evidence to not 'socking it to (big) businesses'. but really that is only one way to free up markets.

  26. mucast

    Want to know why you pay so much for Health Care? Malpraxis Lawsuits. Drs. over here really don't have to worry about lawsuits. This is the main reason why Costa Ricans prefer Private Hospitals and Clinics, but they're so expensive that most can't afford them, to make things worse, the only Co. that sells insurance is a GOVERNMENT OWN CO. How that for corruption? You might ask, why I am here then? I answer, why do you think there so many illegals in you country? US the new 3rd. World Nation.

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