National Satire Animal House (movie review)

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Arrived at the scene in 1978, the Animal House was a blockbuster house comedy that rewrote all the rules and created a generation of filmmakers, hoping to replicate their comic genius. The original Saturday night live actor John Belushi performed a groundbreaking film performance, which made him a comedy rock star, promoting his success with the success of the Blues Brothers [1980]. Pick up. Tim Matheson also plays a breakthrough role in the cult classics, actor Mark Metcalf [from Seinfeld's "Master"], Donald Sutherland and Kevin · Kevin Bacon starred.

The film was released at the fictional Faber College in the 1960s. Two new roommates, Larry Kroger [Tom Hulce] and Kent Dorfman [Stephen Furst], visited various fraternities on campus to find a good group to interact with. But when they met the guy at Delta House, they got more than just bargaining – it was a group of crazy, feminine party animals. The group is the exact opposite of another campus association, Omega House, led by satirical, condescending predecessors Greg Marmalard [James Daughton], Doug Neidermeyer [Mark Metcalf] and Chip Diller [Kevin Bacon]. As a favorite of Dean Wormer, Omega House continually ridiculed Delta House and colluded with Dean Wormer to expel members of Delta, and their brothers were banned.

Leading Delta House is John "Bluto" Blutarsky [John Belushi], Ms. Eric "Otter" Stratton [Tim Matheson] and Donald "Boon" Schoenstein [Peter Riegert]. Committed to Delta House, Larry and Kent earned the nicknames Pinto and Flounder. They bring the true diversity of their current brothers. Otter lured Dean Wormer's wife, and Bluto spit eggs on Greg Marmalard, and Boon and his girlfriend solved their problems.

For the people at Delta House, things went well until Dean Wormer summoned them to his office and placed them behind a "double secret probation." As Omega and Walmer played against them, the Delta Tower was kicked out of the campus and its members were deported. But the great men of the Delta refused to go down without fighting. With the beginning of the return parade, they launched the revenge of Wormer and the company…

At the end of the movie, we learned about the whereabouts of all the various roles. The eternal humor of this movie makes it no wonder that it has risen to the classic position of the cult. As an original and witty comedy, it has had a groundbreaking impact on adolescent/college comedy, and the Animal House has a place in the sacred hall of American cinema classics…

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