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  1. andarted

    In the past, chinese politicians had called american companies spineless capitalists without honor. Today they just show it.
    I mean, I don't know what to say man, but if you build a system where the only loyalty is to the money, then your system is only loyal to the money.

  2. Mohammad Assualt


  3. Thomas Callahan

    What a powerful stance this beta loser took. We see who really runs media now huh..oh and democrates. Bidens son recieved a billion dolllars from China, notice the news ignoring that, Pelosi"s staff member a Chinese spy, 20 years on her staff, guess how she and her husband made money…the list goes on.

  4. John Wright

    Well said Ronny Chieng

  5. Thomas Callahan

    These are the same idiots that hate Trump, yeah ok guys. 2020 locked up.

  6. Anna y

    Just saying….what happened in Hong Kong is no longer a pro- democratic protest….. it's starting hurting the normal people….and getting horrible…
    And the Chinese just care about their territorial integrity.
    They need just respect from their version not from American version
    the democracy teach us to respect people with different culture and opinions. Not everything matter
    the US value…..

  7. swisha tweek

    I stand with Hong Kong

  8. Tsuki Qian

    So what happen in HK🤔

  9. Marcos Lemos

    Companies don't care about people's freedom! They only care about cash coming in!

  10. xioa shen

    What is freedom? Freedom is an excuse for its own interests (in the United States). Wake up and see what is happening in Hong Kong. Wake up and see how our media are misleading people to spread fear and hatred. Wake up and stop being exploited by nationalists and foolishly believing what others want you to believe.

  11. Linda Deneher

    Surprise. NBA is all about making themselves money. Got a list of other American companies selling out their ethics to China? My boycott list has empty space between Nestle and Nike.

  12. Kyle Weis

    Man, fuck China

  13. Noway Noway

    I think so far, Trevor is the only late night talk show host talking about the NBA China incident, I think all other networks have banned this topic. ESPN has issued an internal memo censorship the topic. If true, sad day for America….

  14. Johnny B.

    It's not a protest anymore once they set a policeman on fire. Stop calling it protest. This has been going in for months now and yet nobody is calling it a riot but a 5 day "protest" in LA in 1992 was considered a riot.

  15. 符欢


  16. Armando Morales

    Can’t wait to see how he spins this!!😂… yeah just like I thought, cow tow loser…

  17. I Want To Survive

    Yeah, ha ha, Comedy Central!! Being ruled by Communist China is so humorous, hee hee!

  18. Leo Liu

    I do like Noah before. But i have to teach you something here, HK belongs to China. what if i yelled “California independent” in NFL games? It is not a good idea to make fun of other state‘s sovereignty.

  19. lina Ca

    Is it a game for Americans to violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries? I am very supportive of African American independence!

  20. JariahxSynn

    Hey Companies that work with China? how that dick taste? 🤔😆

  21. lina Ca

    Freedom and democracy in the United States is the biggest joke in the world.

  22. Leo Liu

    Well i think the most Chinese are just mad at NBA double standard. Other GM talk about racist thing and he got fined and banned from NBA. But Morey stirred up the politics of other countries via tweet and got support? i think it's another kind of racist to a country. Western people please think and THEN talk.

  23. Silverfox

    Guys, don't look to companies to be your pillar of morality. -.-

  24. Regan Ling

    As a malaysian, i approve his accent in speaking chinese hahahaha, he sounds so genuine as a malaysian

  25. Handwriting


  26. Persiansweetcat1

    China is turning into an angry Trump 😆

  27. YoLO Fruits

    NBA “refuse to apologize”, for losing more money in USA, as they already been kicked out from China, with they knees..

  28. Enrique

    It is amazing that china is so thin skinned. We make fun of every politician even the ones we like.

  29. Hengrun Li

    Honestly I’m Chinese and I don’t understand. Let’s do transposition consideration. If I said in public that “fight for AI-Qaeda, fight for liberty.” What will you think.


    As a Chinese Mainlander I feel this asian guy's mandarin speaking is so funny lol

  31. Leon Duan

    whoever supports HK rioters, how much background do you even know? Do you know the details of the extradition bill? Do you know about western organizations inciting revolution in HK? Do you know how violent the rioters have gone? Please don’t oversimplify the matter into democracy vs totalitarianism, it’s more complicated than that.

  32. Modus Operandi

    Imagine America supporting the apartheid regime of South Africa and criticizing South Africa for banning all protest against the regime. Living in Fascist America sure reduces your brain cells doesn't it?

  33. 荣欢

    Basketball has no borders and fans have a motherland. There is no absolute freedom of speech. Is it freedom of speech to support arson and support the split in Hong Kong? Why did the NBA fire the general manager of the Clippers because of racial rhetoric. Do not use double standards

  34. Bassmaster86

    When Trevor Noah, Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruz, and AOC are all in agreement. Fighting a Major Business seeing tax dollars.

  35. Jason Bequette

    This is one of the most ironic segments ever. Trevor Noah sounds like a conservative? And making fun of snowflakes? This is just amazing.



  37. Frank x

    Since when is Mercedes a American Company???

  38. Leon Duan

    someone pls answer me, where was Freedom of Speech for Donald Sterling when he made his racist remarks?

  39. Stephan Kargel

    Trevor will lose his job soon as viacom bowed down to china as well and comedy central is owned by viacom

  40. Razer Blu

    So what happens to the movie 'Kung fu dunk'? Does China pretend that it doesn't exist or…?

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  42. Swiss TV

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  43. VillaCarrington

    America is canceled over a dumb tweet, ahahah, how does it taste motherfuckers?

  44. Brutal Noodles

    I gotta give this to Noah. I don't watch him that much but this is something he should be doing like Jon did in the past.

  45. Marcelino Martinez

    Yo low key, right or left wing. We should stand together against China in order to win the next tech. race.

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