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  1. Jeff Lee

    why do ppl watch sports? i doubt anyone will answer this. but i am very curious

  2. D

    Yet thousands of Chinese people went to watch the games 🙂

  3. Abu M

    You support HK rioters = someone supports 911

  4. Abu M

    Americans, please stop to think that you are the incarnation redeemer of this world. China doesn't need you to save. God will bless China in His way not by your force and pride.

  5. dd dd

    send me 100 K$ and I will applaud China, no scruples

  6. dd dd

    send me 100 K$ and I will applaud China, no scruples

  7. Ashley Burks Travel & Tech


  8. Terry Waign

    First amendment is perfectly fine within the borderline. As part of the globalization in NBA, it needs wisdom for setting up its taboos in wherever of the basket ball courts located. Changing attitude is harder than moving a mountain away. Both sides will learn lessons when they miss the NBA top tricks by the superstars, meanwhile Mr. Commissioner will find the deficit or setback on his income record.

  9. dandywankers

    LeBron James isn't the most popular athlete in the world smh. #CR7

  10. mountain man

    At next Houston rockets game everybody should wear support hongkong t shart. 🇹🇼🙏🙏🙏

  11. Ven Cheock

    Very unwise freedom of speech,
    In business relationship, mind your business

  12. New Horizon

    NBA No Basketball Allowed 😂🤣😂

  13. Victor Vasquez

    Cristiano Ronaldo Messi Neymar more popular than Lebron

  14. P 12345

    This guy said the 1800 lol

  15. Dave

    The NBA is a business. It's ultimate goal is to make money. I don't understand people here in the comments who act like the NBA are suppose to take some kind of political, moral, or patriotic stand . LOL, yeah it's about money, stop thinking it's about anything else.

  16. Jesse Darfus

    If bron says anything it'll be when he's home + knows that he's safe on American soil. Bet that! !

  17. Bella Bijou

    Once again. Money rules the day. The world is upside down.

  18. Lim Yong an

    No ball Americana

  19. David G

    China is a big crybaby

  20. ste2158

    even if you take away the moral aspect of this, i dont get why NBA needs to kowtow to china. the nba has a monopoly on bball. there is no league that even comes close. chinese have already been exposed to NBA. if china bans NBA, will they go back to watching CBA? thats like going from a 10 to a 2. when you own the best product, you dont have to kowtow.

  21. 美国老爹

    just keep your own freedom of expression to yourself. Please NBA go to India not China, there are a LOT of free stuff there. Enjoy a lot more freedom there as well.

  22. Stevie Anderson

    Lebron will speak out, won't he?

  23. Stevie Anderson

    500 million fans, more fans than here? Of course you idiot, there are only around 300 million in this country.

  24. Rod Ritchison

    My dilemma is my inability to reduce my watching of pro basketball. Zero minus zero equals zero. A basketball player has an opinion???
    BWHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'll have to remember that one. Chinese have hurt feelings??? Two jokes for the price of one admission ticket.

  25. William Wall

    LBJ fine with shut up and dribble when it costs money, freedom of speech as long as it's free, if it costs then stfu.

  26. big guy

    The guy below commented the NBA is supported by communist China…. Man this guy got it right on the button…..

  27. Funny Man

    Haha, itchy fingers cost millions of losses….

  28. The_lion_ King

    He said Lebron is probably the most popular athlete in the Wold. How about Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar?

  29. Robert Wicks

    The NBA is weak

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