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  1. China Uncensored

    Aaanddddd YouTube instantly demonetized this for being "not suitable for most advertisers." Sadly, I can't argue with that. Sadly that means we can't afford to make China Uncensored. The only reason this show exists is because of the incredible support of what I call the China Uncensored 50 cent army, fans who contribute on the crowd funding website Patreon. If you can, please help support the show! patreon.com/chinauncensored

  2. Mel Gplus

    Fact: China CCP the ultimate evil, now has world in their pocket. Twisting everyone to their liking, including American politicians.

  3. JeepCherokeeful

    Lack of values! NBA is all business, ethics be damned! Boycott!

  4. JeepCherokeeful

    NBA doesn’t need China

  5. Nick Pappagiorgio

    Doesnt take much to troll China – that's a good thing. Let their fake heads explode

  6. Ioulum

    Chinese are the Asian Jews.

  7. Charlie Pendergast

    Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom of consequences. Gee, I wonder where I heard that from.

    Leftist Dogma #5

  8. Liz Liz

    Only naive people will buy this crap what this guy is saying.

  9. Ghost Apophis

    The weak ones cry first. Evil and miserly as they are.
    Fuck CCP dogs!
    Fight for freedom.
    Stand with Hong Kong!

  10. eze kiel


  11. Blank

    Looking forward to the Blizzard episode.

  12. Sledcat

    By the Way … Free Tibet, and Taiwan is a country!

  13. Wave Dancer

    NBA did not offend China, China does feel offended, this is a big difference!

  14. Quadnumber

    I just love 😍🤩 oppressive dictatorships 😍🤩

  15. t Relax

    NBA made themselves look like a chicken.

  16. Kamel Kadri

    By the time the Americans awake from "I identify as…" they will all be identified as China's Slaves which is already happening in Hollywood and now NBA, so in the "land of freedom" you can't state your opinion which support freedom so in America today, you're not free to support freedom !.

    it's over folks the US has the lost the race and the war, by that i mean we all (Americans or not) Doomed, HK should have 100% freedom to be part of china or 100% independent same goes for Taiwan

  17. John Doe

    May The CCP Crash and Burn along with the Spoiled Sports Players that Kow Tow to Tyranny!!!

  18. Richard Le

    CCP is Evil ‼️‼️‼️‼️FuCK CPP -NBA ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  19. Nicolas St-Gelais


  20. the nut brothers


  21. Fiano Charles

    What you said was completely wrong.China is not what you talked about.We care about human rights more than your country.

  22. jakey lee

    NBA:fight for freedom,stand with Catalunya!huh

  23. KL

    Today China said freedom and democray are their bottom line. Americans and NBA should not talk about democray in China in order to respect Chinese. What if tomorrow they say they don't like NBA now and ban NBA, making NBA as their bottom line. Are Americans gonna stop watching and talking about NBA to show respect?

  24. Gary Glanz

    You would think that the NBA would work at spreading to more US cities. But what's the point of allowing the ccp to call the shots. CCP; just because your parinoid doesn't mean that they're not out to get you. This shows how insecure China is.itz It's killing the ccp that HK wants their form of freedom. Another thought, I really don't see the point of not striving to makie 100 percent of all our products here in USA. And that goes for the rest of the world too. BTW, How much cheap shit do we need?

  25. HotZetiGer

    NBA has BLACK HANDS (-.-)

  26. Gustavo Hernandez

    God Bless My Guy

  27. Riding Home

    The CCP is going to manipulate the 2020 Elections, and Xi Jinping is going to next President in the US of A. Then all the big $$$ companies will have to attend the presidential oath ceremony and kowtow to their new Master.

  28. Abu M

    Now more people know how powerful of the fake democracy is. Bullshit program

  29. Majime

    This is a very scary thing to me Chris, not even president Trump speaks up against them enough. I hope that the people of hong kong can resist the communist china for ever and ever.

  30. Abu M

    Please stop to view this world by your own standards. Americans are not the incarnation redeemer. The HK protesters are rioters. You support them = support 911.

  31. sicheng cai

    lots of brianwashed idiots in this channal.

  32. Citizen Four

    Remember when Communist China forced Disney to remove John Boyega — a black man — from the movie poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens … he was the ONLY character removed from the poster! How do NBA players feel about China's racism? 🤔

  33. Mathieu Leader


  34. Leonid Pavel

    The fun thing about the Washington incident was the fact that the Washington Wizards were playing a team from Guangzhou in an exhibition game.
    While ESPN has censored its own people, Fox Sports has addressed the issue, and they have condemned how hypocritical the league has been regarding social justice issues now that they're looking the other way against an actual authoritarian regime.

  35. ABC Market

    Frankly, I enjoy the ad-free experience with your videos. This may sound cynical, but Youtube's increasingly high rate of commercial breaks is annoying.

  36. Valare Beauchamp

    For years I've been wondering what would wake people up. Even Tibetans setting themselves on fire couldn't do it. But this one tweet from a basketball GM finally broke through? It's fascinating really.

  37. Mike A. Garza

    Daryl morey against China and no longer in business and houston rockets fans don't like china and HK too! NBA rejected China anymore !👍🍚🏀

  38. Devesh Bhosale

    The ones trying to bankrupt China uncensored might just end up being bankrupt !

  39. mervunited

    NBA = "No Backbone Association" 😂
    #DownWithChinazi #FreeChineseFromCommunism

  40. Eagle Nyi

    Thanks Chris

  41. Matthew Beverly

    I use to support Ted Cruz. He's bought like most politicians.

  42. owen beck

    Please do a story on the blizzard controversy.

  43. gorilla1871

    Fuck the CCP🖕🖕🖕

  44. Jesse nolastname

    NBA is belong to china ok?

  45. azujou

    This would've never happened in Europe.
    Companies apologizing probably, but people being denied at venues in their own countries for voicing their support. Not a chance, those companies would've been torn apart.
    Maybe in the UK or Russia as they like to cowtow to China more than than most. But American companies are definitely embarrassing not only themselves but their entire country.
    And another thing to note is that this doesn't earn them respect in China neither, they're looked down upon as cowards for bending so easily.

    Good going!

  46. Eric Bullis

    China and NBA not have balls Hong Kong does they act more American than most of these Americans that's sad

  47. hanz wurst

    What do you think about the "Banned in China" South Park episode?

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