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  1. Weezy WTF

    This ain’t ovaaaa!!!!

  2. Åreš

    Yeah shulz is the right size for a dead on joker as the comic book.

  3. DSGxTennessee

    Shit had me rollin 😂

  4. Adnan Chaudri

    your British accent whack tho

  5. Adnan Chaudri

    Did anybody notice the taxi turn into a full grown women at 9:35 ?

  6. Dean Jamali

    this is fuckin amazing LMFAO

  7. OscubaSteve g13

    Had some phillipino roomates and was watching the phillipino channel with them one night and thought the samething….univision hotchicks speaking chinese. Wtf did i miss lol

  8. Michael Bland

    Bruh New York is a wild place. Chick from UK walking past right as they're doing the accent is crazy, my town got 10,000 people lol

  9. labing tatlo

    When Andrew spoke during the African accent, fucking hilarious.

  10. JBsBS

    Wait.. Andrew Shulz.. and its pronounced ShoL-TSS?
    kuz Shulz looks like it would be Shols. Or Sholz. Hmm…

  11. JBsBS

    Goddamn. the accent off was funny as hell. Especially the african one. Hell yeah @AndrewShulz

  12. Randy Ross

    Schulzys African accent hahahaa holy shit that got me weak 🤣🔥

  13. Stefan F.

    Sensei: sweep the leg!
    Andrew: where's the broom?

  14. DK Switzs

    Skinny Weezy, refreshing.

  15. Jerry Hernandez

    The British accent part was fucking gold! Lmao

  16. Richard Depaola jr

    You are still a CUNT for promoting gambling.

  17. ownedpked

    Hilarious man, love your videos/comedy man. That indian rape joke was fucking crazy good.

  18. Moose

    Awful southern accents. I'm from the south and neither of them sounded as stupid as we do.

  19. he liu

    Andrew with the onewheel! Float on my friend!

  20. Romeo Cruz

    Love him….

  21. gkennedy0969

    This stand up comedy clip only has 5 mins & 26 seconds (5:26) of actual stand up comedy.

    It has 15 mins and 14 seconds (15:14) of stupid stuff that has nothing to do with stand up comedy. Instead it's more like a video blog that should be called "A day in the life of Andrew Shultz, a little comedy, and a whole lot of boring"

  22. Barber of Seville

    I love the "fashion" song. Very Zoolanderesque.

  23. Ultra Unity

    Once again this was great

    I forgot the name of that lady you were hanging with at the end
    but f*** I loved her!

  24. Homie Alexx

    Who taught these Mexican bitches Chinese bro 🤣🤣🤣

  25. CactusJackWes

    One of the best drooping in

  26. Boywonderr71

    Best city because….concrete and high…

  27. Diego Recalde

    Bro!…. 😂

  28. Steven Ragland

    Yo weezy got it but Andrew has the better lines. Either way well done as always. 👌🏾👌🏾

  29. not a name

    He really is a modern Seinfeld. This is a show about his life intermixed with stand up, i.e. show about nothing

  30. josh

    Buddy getting bald

  31. M James

    Woah damn.
    That's a pretty intense way to start a video.

  32. Drew Tip

    First time I ever subscribed to an add. Ever….

  33. David cain

    This was amazing 😂😂😂

  34. Glory Hog

    We are so sure you're going to lose, we will give you our money to lose back to us

  35. Kepo

    i watched the joker yesterday and that same day my college thinks im copying some other student but im not so ill be okay. I felt angery, shitty, and pissed this morning but this whole start of the video already got me in so much of a better mode. thank you Andrew you truly are my new favourite comedian sorry bobby lee, tom segura, joey diaz, joe rogan, bill burr, bert the fatty, the list goes on. they gotta watch out for this 30 year old young buck. and again thank you Andrew

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