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  1. vpro documentary

    Hello everyone!

    We are very happy to read all your positive reviews about this documentary.
    Your feedback is important, we read you, and we take your comments into account.

    Do not miss Sunday at 9pm, another great documentary by Bregtje van der Haak: MBC Talkshow Kalam Nawaem – behind the scenes

    We hope to see you again on our channel Sunday!

  2. John Nawn

    Uh can we have that in English, PLEASE?

  3. kim odom

    How do I turn on subtitles ???

  4. Daryl Younger

    Stupid globalism has destroyed the world….the worlds richest bankers are to blame for this. The Rothschilds, Rockerfella’s, Morgan’s etc are the real power of globalism. China doesn’t rule the world and never will. The bankers rule the world and have caused more misery than any other group. The Rothschilds are the problem….cut them off at the knees and throw them and their stupid central banking system in the bin where it belongs. They drive everything financial. This stupid little man is a blowhard puppet with his strings being pulled by the Rothschilds. One more scam to fool the people into trusting the Bankers. Fuck the Rothschilds, take all of their money and assets and throw them in jail immediately. The world will be a better place for it.
    Just where do you think the Chinese got their finance from? Just pulled it out of thin air? It came from the Rothschilds. China is merely a Rothschild puppet to do their dirty work for them.

  5. Akasha

    no subtitles 😢

  6. Chris Mayrand

    how about some subtitles not everyone speaks chinese and dutch!!!!!!

  7. paul arnold

    China's industrial production is JUNK. If China ever wants to be competitive with the U.S. they have to learn
    QUALITY CONTROL. Whatever you can name, if its made in China its JUNK, and they don't care, they just
    want paid for their shit and take the money and RUN. Like car parts, for instance. They might last a few
    thousand miles and that's it- it breaks and nobody cares. That's why I refuse to put Chinese parts in my
    vehicles. They have about 100 years worth of QUALITY CONTROL to catch up on.

  8. scronx

    Oh yeah, China really loves those Africans.

  9. boxlessthinking

    apparently no one gave the people a chance to be free the crooked financiers just went in paid off crooked officials and use our armies to control it.and move our tech and our factories their to exploit the people. using the dictatorship for their own gain. they are still controlling there government with finance. and ours also. own our 1 way media. never helping the people always helping themselves setting up fiat currency ponzy schemes. no the financiers will cause a war probably. they are already moving to poorer countries to use exploit people people under. look we need to stop the huge financiers with no morals that hide behind their cooperation. and rule trying to gain ever more power over the markets. trying to divide the people. bribing our officials. we need to arm everyone in the world cant wait till everyone can print guns. dictators be damned.

  10. Chloe Lin

    Peter Schiff has got it right. America blames others whenever they have a financial problem.

  11. Gary Towne

    The British lead of this is appropriate in that they have learned how to lose having had to give up their position in the world to the U.S. They step easily into that role vs China. But there is an awakening in the U.S. since the last election and now we will put up a fight. China is a inch deep and a mile wide.

  12. Tronghung Dao

    This just sleight of hand games.

  13. Peter Da Costa

    Chinese attitudes are a challenge at the best of times. A crash course in Chinese thought is at everyone's fingertips. Simply make regular consultations of the "I Ching" aka "The Book of Changes": everything will then become crystal clear. The only classic to survive Mao's Cultural Revolution. There must have been a reason for this.

  14. ? ?:

    What roles does the SDR have in the RMB. Right now 1 Chinese Yuan = .10 SDR? and what does this mean?

  15. eugenecod

    it is very difficult
    for an american to be
    chinese but it's easier
    for chinese to be american

  16. Emilio Xiaotiti

    The best news is that the END of the anglo-saxon era is cooooooooming, hahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! THAT is a good thing!

  17. Max Legend

    Well done.

  18. peter tuann

    600 million Chinese people would NOT be in poverty, except for stupidity and lies from Communist China Party.

  19. Arash Arshadi


  20. Maytane Winner

    This was an incredibly produced documentary! Different points of view, love it

  21. Paul Tremblay

    I have no problem if China take the entire continent of Africa, it's an incompetent bunch, to ease it's supplication but leave the rest of the world alone

  22. Francis Osuna

    Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its puppet state, Koreas (both N and S), only copy others, especially the West.
    ultra super-rich Zionists' creation is Mao Zedong and Il-sung Kim via. ex-Soviet KGB, financed by the Rothschilds. (ck it out)

  23. WTF how bizarre

    If China wants to be looked up to it needs to earn respect and give respect. You cannot buy respect. Go for quality of products not quantity.
    Example, Mc Donald's makes a lot of money. but no one looks up or respects Mc Donald's.
    China also has to recognize that every country has their own history, their own culture an their own values. Most countries aren't communist. The fact that they aren't communist needs to be recognized and respected. Mutual respect is best. One sided respect is dominance.Every one roots for the underdog.

  24. Jose DuBois

    I definitely liked the video but I think there are some aspects of China that are unfair to the rest of the world such as the fact that China required companies to start partnerships with Chinese companies and for these partnerships to transfer technology. Those are unfair trade practices.

  25. Rotnem001 kastrati

    No wonder you only fucking have 100.000 views in nearly 3 years

  26. Rotnem001 kastrati

    This is going to one direction and that is an all out war Chinese Russians have no place in western world. America will fuck them up and their mother fucking allies and the next time you either put at least subtitles when a foreign language is spoken or worn that there might be some gibrish spoken in thus shitty propagandistic fucking programe

  27. Dipak Basu

    I have supervised a number of students from China in both British and Japanese universities. They know nothing about their subjects, nothing at all, although they may have graduated from a Chinese university. I have reported these to the scholarship authorities, but they did nothing but sending more and more these worthless students from the Chinese universities. I have nothing against the Chinese as a race because I think Chinese students from Singapore are really good. No country can go far ahead without any intellectual power. Chinese have little intellectual power.

  28. lone263

    China's rise is almost over, they will not surpass America at least in the near future. A few decage ago everybody thought the Japanese would make it to top dog and they haven't!

  29. Siphelele Dladla

    This is a good documentary but it would have been much better if there was translated into English.

  30. Pertti Heinikko

    China has risen and the Americans are willfully retreating from and breaking the international economic and security infrastructure that they themselves to a large extent built after WWII. I see a bad moon rising and trouble on way…

  31. Lucky Yiw

    Is not EU a "dictator" like China? How all the 29 countries presidents/prime ministers are elected under democracy but when they come into EU all decisions are dictated by the council/commission of EU? So there is no different between China and EU right? Now China and EU join hand to go against US`s trade practice. China is practicing Tai Chi here. WTO founded by US largely for the benefit of US. Now US is running away from WTO, like US is running away from UNESCO. US has also run away from UN human right council. It is very much like a casino, the grandfather has set it up with all kinds of trickery, scams to swindle everyone else. When passed down to the next generations the grandkids can`t even maintain and master its own trickery but losing out in a big time to the opponent (China). What hope do you have for your next generation? Will be hopeless right. They now looking at China for leadership in WTO! ho.ho.ho. China might soon take over the whole UN.

  32. Dave Kim

    China will never succeed when their true interest lies in caring only for themselves and for the commie party

  33. Osce18

    It's high time for Asia to take control of world too.

  34. Truth Defender

    29min – guy dont have a clue what Christianity is all about
    America doesnt represent true Christianity
    the same like China doesnt represent true peace
    you talking about confucionism and peace?
    why christians in China are persecuted and churches demolished by goverment?
    pastors put to prison for preaching t gospel of Jesus Christ!
    China and USA can shake the hand as you both are the same
    talking about peace and all this nonsense
    youre a liar!

  35. Jaskaran Jaura

    China has already surpassed USA

  36. Sten-Åke Dahl

    China is a collossus on feet of clay. One child rules from 1979 has reduced the 800 mill to 600 mill to day : standard due to the 60 mill surplus of men= unhappiness. To day they have less than one child per woman despite the scrapped rule! gigantic problems. No welfare! destroyed nature. lack of clean water . Destroyed air. too much food from abroad. Own soil urbanised.

  37. daniel meman

    Say what you want, i'd choose an extra inch on my penis over world domination any day

  38. David Ardron

    This was a good doco until that wanker Schiff started opening his mouth. Not only is he a proponent of the crime of banking but higher interest rates. The guy has a total disregard of our labour & production that apparently has no intrinsic value. He's either a charlatan or dumb as box of rocks or both.

    Remember contradiction is a sign of a fool who is either trying to deceive you or themselves . If you cant see the contradiction it makes you an even bigger fool . The blind leading the blind .

    Bankers just love the Chinese system of exploitation. That is their ultimate goal for the whole world "full blown communism" under the same old ruse of banking that robs us all in phony loans of course . Only difference is the majority much like china but world wide instead will be left destitute, quite literally living the life of slaves to a long forgotten damnation.

    Where Schiff ultimately fails is he cant see so long as we are paying any rate interest we have to borrow (purportedly borrow) even more to service the old debt, but never actually pay down each & every subsequent new sum of debt to service the old debt again, due to the deflationary effect of interest on a volume of circulation only ever comprised of principal — which is of course an irreversible, terminal escalation of falsified debt caused by any rate of interest that steals all that much further from us just spending money.

    In short so long as we're paying any rate of interest or the added cost of compounding interest that not only artificially inflates prices eternally skywards but perpetually deflating the money supply at the same time we have to spend more & more money regardless to keep on servicing this terminal escalation of artificial debt.

    So increasing interest rates wont deter people from spending or allegedly borrowing more money because the people simply have no other choice but to spend more to keep servicing the debt, but rather bring about monetary destruction all that much faster instead, & this is exactly why interest rates are relatively low today in the current terminal cycles of reflation to prolong or temper inevitable monetary destruction that little but longer that is nonetheless caused by any rate of interest imposed on purported loans that dont ethically, rationally or even lawfully transpire from the get go.

    To suggest banks are creating money out of thin air is throwing the baby out with the bathwater with an oxymoron, because firstly banks dont even create money because they dont risk or give up value from their otherwise prior legitimate possession & secondly its always been the people creating the principal, simply because it is we who give up the only value in our labour & production to pay a debt , which is hardly thin air even at a stretch of the imagination. To irrationally suggest money is created out of nothing is suggesting banks steal nothing, which is of course denying a theft of our production in phony loans , & or just spending money servicing some one else's phony loan, X1000 due to unwarranted interest of course.

  39. Jane Thompson

    I think the only way to judge an up and coming country is to check it's neighbours views on them. It's not good.

  40. Edwin Mugo

    Really wonderful and educative documentary.. Loved it.. Hope China takes over

  41. Xoze Luiz

    I don't care for the goverment but for the poeple of China. Go back to your old ways, go back to being spiritual, don't be fooled by modern religions. The truth will set you free. Ref. Thomas Paine.

  42. Xoze Luiz

    Big government is not the answer, we must be autonomous or local control, not controlled by others.

  43. Xoze Luiz

    China is not so bright after all, what do they want all the riches in the world if the things that are Sacred to humanbeings is being contaminated at a bigger cost imaginable

  44. deepnetx6

    Yes a good example of Chinese tolerance of other views and cultures is Tibet.

  45. Fritz Stehr

    At 9:23 people start speaking in Chinese and the producers of this video didn't supply sub titles or a voice over in English, FFS how amateurish and/or disrespectful, Off to find a more respectful doc.

  46. Sear Tea

    Is Jacques not naive? who came to Africa and stole all natural resources? who built up artificial military islands in South Pacific? Jacques studied too much but did not get it? Maybe Jacques should go back to school?

  47. Elsie H Martinez

    For the record, i have followed several economist, historians,analyst former foreign officials and have never seen a die hard communist lover like Martin Jacques. THIS GUY IS DISGUSTING AND SHOULD BE CHARGED TREASON BEING BRITISH AND BE THROWN IN THE GULAG.AIIB is just another fake financial institution with new fake challengers encrypting their currency. ITS COMING and CHINA CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT AS IT IS ENCRYPTED! These encrypted transactions can easily take over their fake economy THAT IS backed by fake promises and fake goods. The world cannot be ruled by FAKE. Backed by fake crap and not anything real like gold, oil, or even tulips that folks can hold , touch and believe, THIS FAKE WORLD ORDER IS JUST LAUGHABLE NOT WORTHY GOING TO WW3 NUCLEAR WAR. WELL IT MIGHT BE MORE WORTHY OF A HUMAN RIGHTS CIVIL WAR FROM WITHIN NO DIFFERENT FROM OTHER COLONIZED COUNTRIES WARRING AGAINST THEIR DICTATOR NO HUMAN RIGHTS COLONIZER.

  48. Mary Love

    China is still a communist country & is spreading its errors. You are blind & naive to think China has become this good superpower is-or-to-be. They have an agenda to usurp.

  49. Xiao-ke BAO


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