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  1. zander ford

    nice 2019

  2. Tigerex966

    As usual blame the user, the consumer, the voter and not the companies and people that acvtually dom the bad things?

  3. Edna Castro

    Nice movie

  4. Mar Dominador Orbong

    shu lien has to be good in her martial art… but why here in the movie it seems shu lien has a gap in her skill.

  5. Muse

    I love this movie 😍

  6. Kaukhar Biimamat Kyzy

    жакшы, көркөм кино экен.

  7. marites saura fernandez-roces

    Nice movie

  8. mo yuan


  9. mo yuan

    黄奕和蒋勤勤角色换着演比较合适 黄奕跟何润东更有cp感 跟邱心志cp也可以 主要蒋勤勤何润东cp有违和感

  10. Ben Locsei

    What the actual fuck?

  11. Ramsés Vásquez

    East meets West, and the whole enchilada is served with extra butter on popcorn n fries to go with that. Now tea

  12. Denn Foo

    Thanks for the upload!

    finaly found something i can distract myself from shitty reality

  13. Ty Heang

    I like this movie very much thank the 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇰🇭

  14. lorna carnate

    Tnx u fr upload😍

  15. Lennox Harris

    Nice movie I like it in English

  16. Frank Brown

    good, I enjoyed ending sucks double dubbing  ugh

  17. Rajneesh rai 9044534477

    Hindi m upload karo

  18. Shayrra Kalama


  19. Vic Thor Rhee

    I love to watch chinese action movies. It is entertaining to me! Thank you for the upload and also the subtitle.

  20. rajesh shah

    good movie though

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