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  1. Ratana Kheng

    This game really looks amazing, this is very nice update. Thank You for sharing Sywo!

  2. Ryugan

    I'm amazed for all the background change in the studio LUL

  3. M3lagis

    "dont worry it's not gonna come to the west soon" …. 😀 right, we really not planning to worry about new mmorpg game in west Sywo, like we have too much to play already 😀 nice joke 😀

  4. Mana Mana

    Hasn't this been out for over a year? "Brand new", am I missing something?

  5. Inma Delatorre

    It seems (I read somewhere) the game is free to play until lvl 30, then if you wanna go further, you have to pay PER HOUR, yeah right you heard well, PER HOUR (but still it is said, its kinda cheap) but wtf xD

  6. Zahir Meow


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