NEW Musical instruments! All you need to know about the DLC | Rust update 22nd November 2019

The new instruments will be prepared on Rust before the DLC is downgraded on December 5. In this update, I will show you all you need to know….

Click here!Instantly Slow Down Guitar Solos Or Riffs While Still Retaining The Original Pitch. A Perfect Cross Promo For Any Music Learning.

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  1. deku

    Can't wait to get some scripts for new instruments

  2. Colonel Ruckus

    love the new toxic elements they add to the game. it is whats keeps me around.

  3. James Ryko


  4. yassuo is a snake

    I,Giorno Giovanna.Have a dream and a LR.

  5. Junior Bean

    i can play the drums so this might be pretty cool

  6. Bone Dry

    Who needs farming slaves when u can have a slave band

  7. SlowFudgeBalls Da Amazin

    Console players = free loot

  8. Sahphie TTV

    nice video

  9. Tadas Ramonas

    Cool instruments are in rust! If only i could run it anymore.

  10. Skidmark27

    Why are rented servers only on ps4? I don't get the separation

  11. Siləncəd

    Just don't make it pay to win and its all ok

  12. L9

    Jay is gay

  13. Tommy Hart

    SHADOWFRAX Have they announced a month or even an exact date for when Rust comes to console?

  14. Markus Storm

    I watched the vidoes about RUST coming to console next year. My question is will it be cross play between Xbox, PS4/PS5, and PC? Or will it be separate servers for the different consoles? I realize RUST would run a lot smoother if a Xbox player played on a separate server with only Xbox players. But the realization of Fornite and many other cross compatible games would be a lot more fun and would give a boost in rates because there will be less servers and not as much money keeping those servers up. Most of the money for RUST goes to updates, patches and other needs all ready. So what would happen in 2020 when we have RUST as a console game. The controls will be different from other games, but how will they work? I have many more questions but you may not have the answers at this very moment do to the developers not releasing any other information yet. As always keep up the good work and I think it would be great for your channel if you would start doing some building tutorials for the noobs and become a Xbox 1 Guide. Best of luck! Cyah.

  15. OTL The High Temple of Spam

    Day one wipe sets up music shop

  16. ralapoo -

    Is PS4 going to be cross play

  17. RedGuiced

    Deployable instruments should be able to get wires and you can set tunes and get music

  18. Pikachara

    can i play giorno theme on piano?

  19. XAnonAdviserX

    Now finally I can make music as I go raiding with my squad

  20. Matis

    crossplay with ps4 , xbox and pc ?

  21. mercury

    10 more scripts Ill have to get

  22. z.0아이즈 브이

    but wheres my saxph

  23. Brandon Brown

    I can’t be the only one upset at the piano being in the wrong category

  24. Robin Kasthed

    i really want crosa play to be a thing now with the console launch

  25. Zodd

    Don't make a DLC just finish the main game lol..


    the jerry can should have been the bass
    there is no way that tiny shovel can get deep and bassy

  27. SpicyChilly

    Will the console version be cross platform

  28. Darth Agonus

    Great, now we can play Raining Blood by Slayer

  29. Friendly Athiest

    Rust StoryMode

  30. Mike Mason

    Remember the song in bugs bunny cartoons that would explode if the right notes were hit?
    Try that in rust..

  31. Bleylos

    i hope i can make a good song while my game freeze and fps drops

  32. Fraps Office

    that midi input is the best thing ever, I have a synthesizer :DDDD prepare to hear megalovania

  33. Aaron Mccullough

    Bandit camp is totally going to turn into mos eisley. If there aren't people constantly blasting music there i will be dissapointed….well dissapointed more than I usually am

  34. What I'm I doing here?

    Just imagine you trying to kill a naked then the naked pulls out a piano and plays giorno theme

  35. Questing Beast


  36. Doctor Krazy

    Rust Devellopers : lets add a piano, nothing could go wrong.
    Jojo Fans : plays giorno's piano theme
    Rust Developers : Yeah… Nevermind lets change it back

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