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  1. Kristen Berry

    I love your videos and stories. I look forward to them every day! I walk 5 miles every day and do weights and pilates. It makes such a difference in my day. The only thing I would like to say though is that we need to change the way we eat in order to lose weight. It's about eating healthy and taking in less calories period! Scientifically you don't need to exercise to lose weight, it's caloriesin/calories out. You can research the Harrison Benedict equation. Having said that I think everyone should exercise every day for mental health, sleep, digestion, bone health especially for women! Ask anyone who has lost weight. You need to eat less calories. It doesn't matter what the plan is. Once you start and see results you will be able to stick with it! Maybe meet with a nutrionist so he or she can educate you and give you support! Good Luck!

  2. mishkabaz1

    Great goals! Mine is to incorporate hot yoga back into my routine. I’ve missed it and no more excuses!

  3. LouAnn Davis

    It is amazing how your goals are a lot like mine. Thank you for saying that it’s ok to have an easy workout once in a while. It is so true that some movement is better than no movement.

  4. The Little Red Hen

    Water too!! Yes!!! Also I am going to try yoga as well as adding in a few days if hiit or something else , I need to have more connection with mind and proper thinking with my body ! And healing my body

  5. Connie Boyd

    YES! give yourself grace, girl. I had to change my mindset the same way in 2019. we got a new puppy, so for now my "workouts" are walks with the puppy in the backyard.

  6. Jennifer Linkous

    As an older woman, I love your blog! I have been following for awhile and I appreciate your input on tips, tricks, and goals. I love "fabletics," but I would also like to know where you got your hoodie or sweat jacket from? 🙂

  7. Lauren Schlein

    Oh man I always set those high expectations for myself when it comes to cleaning and organizing my house, like if I can’t get through my entire garage and closets in one day and then I’m like meh I’ll wait till next week it’ll be warm all week 🤦‍♀️

  8. Phyllis Campbell

    I cut all sugar from my diet 2 months ago. I’ve lost 10 pounds with ketogenic-style eating and intermittent fasting. I’d like to lose another 10 pounds and try some longer fasts but I haven’t figured out that part. Lol. I’m also trying to walk 30 min each day either outside or on the treadmill when weather doesn’t permit it. Good luck with your goals! The outfits look terrific! Do they carry tall sizes? I’m 6’1” tall with long legs.

  9. Shana McLoud

    OMG! I also love the first of the week and months, too! A new year is almost too exhilarating, haha. I'm turning 34 in February, and getting healthier is something I'm focusing on too!!!

  10. dgmoocher D r

    Great segment. Im always looking for cute affordable comfort wear!

  11. Jaime Bey

    As a fitness instructor, working out is the easy part, however my body is used to taking group fitness classes so I want to do more workouts of my OWN. Focusing on leg strength as the body scan I got showed my legs are not as strong as my core and upper body. Also trying something new with Macro counting. I lost 65 pounds with weight watchers years ago and for the most part kept it off, I’ve tried keto/low carb and just wanting to try something new and different with the iheartmacros plan. I start Monday. Super excited. Love following you. You are real and I love that!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Paula Morris

    Walking is fantastic! Easy on the joints, doesn't release stress hormones and fresh air is so good for mind and body. Works great with intermitten fasting. Dr. BERG on youtube is a great resource!

  13. Colleen T

    I do drink tons of water, but I refuse to give up my morning cup of coffee with coconut milk.

  14. Colleen T

    I have an autoimmune disease that damages connective tissue, joints and spine primarily and Im recovering from breast cancer and bilateral mastectomy. My previous step goal was 6000 per day 5 days a week, I like to increase to 8000 per day 5 days a week and add in Ocean therapy, stretching and yoga as tolerated. I can only do resistance in the water to avoid further damage. I have a hard time getting myself in gear without motivation and support. I also need to get strict again with AIP diet, because it always makes me feel better. Its just tough to stay motivated, when Im sick and alone.

  15. Deborah Weinmann

    Happy Healthy New Year to you and your family !! Thank you for sharing all that you do!! It really is appreciated.
    I used to have that same issue of not drinking enough water, mostly at work, too many patients and not enough time to remember me!! So I set my phone timer, which makes my watch vibrate when it goes off, and every time it goes off, I have to take 5-10 big gulps or sips from my cup, if I am with a patient, I touch “snooze” on my watch and it reminds me to DRINK WATER! Set your timer for whatever intervals you like, mine are mostly 30 min apart. I started doing this, and it really does work. I bring an insulated 24oz cup to work, and I usually have to refill it once in the morning and again in the afternoon, and of course for on my drive home Happy sipping!!

  16. Gina Kinard

    Just placed an order a few days ago from Fabletics. Hoping to do more yoga this year. A couple of years ago I quit drinking soft drinks by drinking water instead. I drink half my weight in ounces of water per day. Love adding essential oils to my water 😋. Don’t miss soft drinks at all.

  17. Ms s

    I do better with small goals… I also need to up my water intake… and being that I am a 200ryt yoga teacher (and almost finished with my ryt500 training) I need to participate in more yoga classes for myself, since I’m always the one teaching! Lol

  18. Emily Laura Hewitt

    I'm so like you- if I can't do something full out- I cant do it! My goal is to move 5 days a week- even for 30 mins… also- I need more water and to get up early for my smoothie and goal setting for the day!

  19. Haley Hinman

    I have the same fixation on starting something on a specific day, but that means if I miss a day, and I gotta wait til Monday, I'm missing out on a lot of opportunities to improve. That's why my word of the year is "Today" – today is the only day that matters when it comes to achieving goals. Yesterday is over and and tomorrow is a mystery.

  20. Everyday Deanda

    I love fresh starts too. One of my goals for the year is to do YouTube walking workouts in the mornings before I go to work.

  21. Sherry Jacobs

    Happy and Healthy 2020! I am new to your channel and already loving it. You have a calming demeanor and I like that. I plan to increase my exercise this year, and may buy my first Fabletics outfit soon. Can't wait to see more of your videos. Thanks! 🌻

  22. Suzanne Reed

    @Thank you for the encouragement! I am in the middle of getting some hormone issues in balance, which have kept me from losing weight for over 4 years. Such a bummer!! 😭 But I'm feeling SO much better now, and am determined to set goals and PLAN to move my body and do food prep. I also have 3 kids, boy, boy, girl! Homeschooling the oldest for the first time this year. They keep me BUSY!!

    So, my goals for this year are:

    1) Lose 50lb
    2) Be more disciplined at getting to sleep early so that I can
    3)Get up by 5am on weekdays
    4) Intentionally depend on God for His help in meeting these goals and overcoming the daunting task!

    Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy this partnership this year!

  23. Shirley Bee

    Happy new year Kate to you and your family xx I am 51 and have been pushing myself to do 30 minutes per day on my at home cross trainer and trying to do a total of 10,000 steps per day. Good for my mental health as I have been overdoing the festive treats. Healthier eating as of today and feeling good so far. Loving your videos 💕💕

  24. Grace Asher

    You are glowing 🙂 Happy New Year!!

  25. Rebecca Francis

    What brand are your sunglasses? Super cute.

  26. Muttonstyle - My Over 50 Fashion Life

    2 years ago my goals were increased cardio fitness. After slipping a disc last year my goal is merely a strong core to support my back. C'est le vie

  27. Ann Davis

    Drinking hot water works too. Cause I have a tendency to drink hot tea more in the colder months and it help when I want to drink something warm.

  28. Katie Gibbs

    I'm the same in winter I just prefer hot drinks 🤦‍♀️ need to teach myself to drink more water. I'm fine in the summer 😊

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