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  1. Jerome Simmons

    Magneto strikes

  2. Steve Arce


  3. Waxin Hair

    Its not fake because its made in china

  4. CharbelGaming Channel

    Maybe this is real because in the right down corner a black car reversed. What else reason would he or she reverse?

  5. Adan

    I love how the black car reverse after the driver knows what's happening

  6. Krypton

    China is one fucked up place.

  7. Alethea Stauron

    FAKE… camera follows knowing what's going to happen, and cuts after 10 seconds.

  8. Miyuki Umeki

    the third car stops and reverse

  9. Fábio

    funy … but fake ….kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  10. Fábio

    Fake fake fake …. uihaiuhaiuhaiuhaiuhaiuhaiuhiua

  11. The Illusion

    This is fake. Slow it down. You'll see that the lead car's inertia cuts down too fast.

  12. Sukotsu

    Fake, the cars look like stock animated cars. They look too shiny too.

  13. Terentius Brunneis

    call bullshit

  14. Gina de Hond

    Where is the rest of the footage?
    Why do's the video stop, how did the cars come down and are the people inside oke?

  15. Frederick Hecker

    why does it look so fake?

  16. Wojciech Michalski

    It's Fake.

  17. Faith mikealson

    Could be a wire tangled the cars , or it's an alien playing yo-yo

  18. Tomas Callealta

    more info?

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