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  1. Moto X

    This is just a outdoor super cross race…lmao come to America where we race REAL MX TRACKS SQUIDS

  2. Leland

    Look how old that bike is at 1:45

  3. Daniel Cheng

    Great to see MXGP coming to the biggest country, this is a very good move to promote motocross in China! More and more people will join MX

  4. DirkBike

    Holy smokes you hear hearlings bike at 5:11, pushing the limits of that thing.

  5. Jamie B

    I don't follow the GP circuit. I have no interest. I had to check this out because it was China. I normally wouldn't because I already know who wins.

  6. Paul Wood

    What an embarresment of a GP. Where is this once great series going wrong

  7. J Craig Shambaugh

    These tracks are a disgrace AMA not much better

  8. blknt a5ymd

    Poor audience😢

  9. Luke Bell

    KTM are so so dominant in the 250cc class

  10. bastianbali1

    is that an old ass 08 honda 450 someone is racing at 1:46? #59?

  11. Hamish Grant

    Don’t know why youth stream decides to have it in countries like this with low crowds and 20 riders when you could have it in Australia with a full grid and stacked crowds

  12. Terry Moore

    why isn't there any Suzuki anymore

  13. MX Rider

    What a boring track again, same stuff as last week. A few spectators on a grandstand, that's all. Very sad locarion at the final race of the season. The last two GPs and MXoN on handmade tracks, will that be the future of our sport??

  14. TheGT3 click Crash

    The race pace seemed fine to me. The real bullshit is an MXGP race in China at what looks to be a large vacant parking lot. MXGP race promoters passing up classic race locations on some of the worlds most prestigious tracks just to bring you MXGP of China at a fucking parking lot. $$$$$$$$

  15. meyckon santos

    Eu falo herlings volta Tim gaijser amarela kkkkkkk

  16. amyers11

    They always say Europe has such a stacked field… I just don't see it.


    Anyone out there want to start a motorcycle race series on farmers pasture steep hillsides maybe some neat woods sections all natural terrain and we`ll call it Motocross .We could probably us those same bikes and riders in this film

  18. colin WEBB

    yet another embarrassing MX GP. 25 on the grid of a flat piece of waste ground.

  19. James Culwell

    Another shitty flat supercross track passed off as motocross. Maybe you European, and Chinese fools will wake up and start making real mx courses again?!

  20. Downhill Fan

    Und wieder Prado,wieder scheiss künstlich angelegte Strecke…nur noch zum Kotzen,so eintönig.Für mich das letzte Mal,dass ich MXGP geschaut hab!

  21. Dean Harris

    Wow the line-up in the 450 race……..I would've had a good chance of finishing on the podium on my mobility scooter (shopping and all !)👍😀

  22. Sam Carson

    Amazing competition they have in the GP's!! Pros vs Joe's I guess 🤷‍♂️

  23. Сергей Савчук

    OMG. Coldenhoff is the 3rd in championship. Unbelievable

  24. Nate Graham191


  25. Alex Tait

    1:46 is that an old 08' Honda in A 2019 GP?!

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