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  1. American Thought Leaders - The Epoch Times

    Hello everyone!! Welcome to Jan's interview with Newt Gingrich! Let us know if you have any questions about the interview!

  2. Lynda Mackrous

    Think China should take care of over 1.t billion of HIS own people . Instead of overpowering A Taiwan And HK’ once his own Chinese people all prosper. Then China could sell them their idea Pfizer prosperity lolHK’

  3. Lynda Mackrous

    Hmthe answer is money

  4. Voranart Sirisubsoontorn

    May be not as much as 90 millions but 90 millions who directly under control of CCP. Threats are directly from the negative influences of craziness in control and indirectly from the force to weakening democracy and the free world. Taiwan and HK are chinese that the world should back them to creat impact on the communist china to move toward democracy & transparency.

  5. Voranart Sirisubsoontorn

    CCP is communist whose power control everything&everyone in china since the start of CCP century ago.

  6. 漢仔

    China , by mistake went into communism because that is the best way to lift our hundred of millions of poor souls. That is why they follow Soviet Union. Later in the 80’s , China knows communism fails, that is why they switched their model to socialism with capitalism. But the betrayal by US on the Russia makes the Chinese raise up their antenna. It is US betrayal of foes and allies that make China realize US can’t be trusted.

  7. 漢仔

    You also use such tactic , like tarnishing reputation of USSR , as well as your allies Japan in the 70’s , 80’s , now China. Do u think pragmatic and objective ppl can’t see what is happening in China. Their life are improving and is getting stronger and stronger. That scares ur position. Be honest , don’t treat ppl like fools and ppl will not treat u as one.

  8. Adrian Larkins

    China, by allowing private enterprise, has moved away from pure communism and is now more of a Nazi dictatorship but with Chinese stealth and patience to back it up. Very dangerous combination.

  9. 漢仔

    Think for a moment , how does America behave itself in the world? Did they commit atrocities every day too? In ME especially? Where do US get their land from? Where are the native Indians? Do u support ppl overthrow your government? How many coups and terrorist groups have u supported?Do their new media report biased news? When do America black and women have voting rights? How many deaths are caused by killings of police or by gun abuse? If US only blame on others and not reflect on herself, then how do u convince pragmatic ppl like me? And don’t always use democracy and human rights as your excuse! Be honest, do US have human rights and democracy?If ur military can drop 2 missiles at bunkers in Iraq , knowing that there are thousands of civilians and women in them , but is able to get away Scott free, what right do u have in telling us what to do?

  10. Jose Aguirre

    bunch of idiots

  11. Wen0110

    Go (Weichi) is a Chinese game, not a Japanese game. The Japanese embraced the game and perfected many of the techniques of modern high-level play, but it was originally a Chinese game.

  12. Loyd K Crawford

    Party at all costs? Sounds like the Demonrats to me!


  13. Emma

    Thank you so much the Americans! You are the great nation in the world! You helped Chinese a lot but the CCP never appreciate this. They are trying to steal everything from you.

  14. Emma

    CCP is a threat to the states as well! Not only to the Chinese people!

  15. Paul Scott

    Another great interview Jan. Over a period of time I have been able to bring my attention to some of the best socio-political web sites, and this is one of the best of the best. Congratulations American Thought Leaders

  16. Skully Anderthal

    The Chinese Communist Government have been found out,now they will be dealing with endless roadblocks.Billions of investment dollars have and continue to leave China.There cheating,stealing,and deception will have it's drawbacks,we are watching there every move !!

  17. Oyoter

    With China helps soon some African nations will be more advanced than the West.

  18. Oyoter

    Different cultures have different mindsets and yardsticks with regards to the meaning of human rights.

  19. Destiny tran

    Only the west greatly under estimate China. Its neighbor countries know China very well. China is very controlling and has always been. they will never change their way of lives, but will only want to change ours. I am glad America and the west is slowly waking up. Hopefully, it’s not too late.

  20. robert retka

    Richard Nixon started this open door to China. There are no ally friends, just nations that want money and maybe they will do something for us.

  21. Robert Esposito

    Another terrific interview, very informative, now that I seen the Newt interview I’m all caught up except I and I’m sure many others would like to see a Ben Shapiro interview

  22. AlphaOmegaStables


  23. abukamoon

    No, the US needs to extricate itself from foreign entanglements. That means less power for jerks like Gingrich. These bastards get us into unnecessary, undeclared wars – wars that THEY don't fight in. Make America Great Again and to hell with NATO, the UN and Israel!

  24. Pradipa Mahadeva

    Telling the Communists they are OK!

  25. Nowei Xitler

    POA Peoples Oppression Army

  26. Brian Fergel

    Tim Cook (of Apple) is a university professor in China.

  27. Shiva Vereen

    There as no sim lance of a “Grand Strategy “ in this interview….. just Newt in love with speaking history once more.

  28. kar alb

    How can the usa compete with a lawless dictator?

  29. Chris Austin

    America broke it's own moral code by allowing China in the WTO. We proved to the world that we can be bought. Do we have the ethics to reverse this decision?

  30. James White

    The real Newt Gingrich

  31. William M.

    china was not very complex society up to the 18th century, thats what they want u to believe. Go like me to the Taipei museum of chinese history: potteries, statues, their master piece Is a piece of rock that ressembles a piece of pork chop LOL… then go to the airport, take a ticket to London, and go straight to the science museum: discovery of vapour energy, medicinal tools, cars, electromagnetism, electricity, vapour boats, planes, relativity, surgery, antiseptics, penicillin… I mean… you name it.

  32. Mr. Jack Straw of Witchita

    Chess is about initiative , time , space and material and yes getting the king – and to do so all material is relative to the position- on the entire board .So, how the 2 premises of Go are different then chess is not apparent to me – looking for a friend

  33. p lr

    China vs Moronland

  34. jeffrey thomson

    China is Soviet model a generation later. India will soon pass China in population if it hasn't already. China ;population may be overstated by 100m. China population projected to decline by 400m by 2100. China GDP may be overstated by one-quarter. China currency flow twice that of GDP, recipe for eco disaster. All makes China more dangerous over shorter term, may lash out in death throes.

  35. Mike Goodman

    3-4 years ago this shit got out of control? I don't believe for an INSTANT that this shit's that big of a "surprise" to you assholes. 3:04 … Gingrich says: "WE GOOFED." AND YET … as good as you are … you didn't ask:
    1) When did you and all DC REALLY notice?
    2) Why didn't DC adjust national policy?
    3) Do you get any money from ANY Chinese firms or anyone lobbying on the behalf of China?
    4) Is the corruption (BIDEN) REALLY a "surprise" to you and the other POWER BROKERS?

  36. George Bell

    And we might not have these problems with Communist China today had not the pre-CIA OSS under FDR and Truman aided Mao Zedong overthrow Nationalist Chiang Kai-shek which resulted in Chiang and his Nationalist Party fleeing to Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa.. Chiang Kai-sheck puged his party of Communists and was even on the side against Japan. Yet another reason WW2 makes utterly no sense at all according to the official history books.

  37. Bok Choy

    Since they both believe they are the chosen ones, who will win China or Israel???

  38. Pat Curry

    The Communist party of China came to power by using deceit, lies and exploiting the genuine grievances of the peasants in the countryside. There were massive injustices in the countryside. Unfortunately the poor peasants were tricked and deceived by the Marxists who turned out to be. False Liberators in the 1940's.

  39. Joel Bento

    it will become History that the most atacked man in the west was the first to stand up to a true dictatorship while other's so called alies atack him and undermine him at every step.

  40. Mark G

    Very interesting, thank you. Please note that the proper form of address is “Mr. Speaker”. Not “Speaker Gingrich”. The US is not a socialist country yet, thank God.

  41. Sei ko

    I am a 1st generation Chinese born in America, my perspectives on the Grand Strategy.
    1. Its an Economic War first then Militarily.
    2. Its a fight for who do you want to rule the world?
    3. Are we willing to consider the repercussions of putting the plan into action?

    How to do it?
    1. 100% Tariffs on ALL Chinese products, no more half measures. Crash there Economy if must be.
    2. Attempt to Decouple the Chinese Economy from the world.
    3. Mess with them Militarily, take over Taiwan set up base, Take over North Korea Unite the Koreas.

    Is it worth it?
    1. Yes, Id rather have our imperfect USA rule the world than China.
    2. Most likely world wide recession that will force everyone to change how they conduct themselves.
    3. War. A big one.

    Best course of action: China plays nice and normalizes there economic behavior and truly opens up to the world. America gets its ass out of its head and get its act together, act like how the leader of the free world should act. Multinationals to get fucked w because they are just playing the entire world for pure profit.

  42. LIBERTY for humanity

    if USA doesn't stop corrupt CANCER CHINESE to continue taking over MEXICO then MEXICO will be a NIGHTMARE gigantic NIGHTMARE FOR USA because most of all of the products made in MEXICO will be from CHINESE companies in MEXICO and Canada soils also China will be CONTINUING corrupting Canada,Japan MEXICO Latin America including the Caribbean so stupid are all these countries just like Hollywood that China is becoming more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more dangerous FOR USA and HUMANITY including animals and natural resources.

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