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  1. Bruce Frank

    Wasn't this a plot line in a Jack Ryan book a couple of years ago?

  2. Y2kSd4

    U.$ been doing it since late 80's with satellite spys!! Now is google and Facebook covering the real supremacy on high en tech of the uncle $aM

  3. Yoda Gaming

    What I would do to get my hands on China's citizen database. Imagine all of the things you could do with that info and pictures.

  4. Rolf Cui


  5. Lofty Paragon

    You slaves. Your FACE is like a BARCODE now. You're giving them more and more power over you. They can do surgical strike whenever they want either through drones, car crash, or old fashion strike team. So BEHAVE SLAVES.

  6. Lu Yao


  7. Nishant Maliakel oommen

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    The technology enables the smart device to differentiate objects, detect an anomaly, and intimate the concerned parties about unusual activities within the premise.
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  8. D.knight Ingram

    Technology is really taking over our daily lives and safety procedures and I am feeling like it is not a good idea cause technology can be glitchy or can cause a system failure where for example banks debt cards can be inaccessible due to server downtime issues so I believe strongly that physical identification government documents are fool proof secure and hacking resistant.

  9. Crazy prayingmantis

    They're just keeping an eye on their human farm.
    Look at all those slaves who have been convinced by their slave masters that they're free.

    Makes me sick, to know I'm a human like they are, how can we do this to a fellow human being.

  10. Crazy prayingmantis

    Benjamin Franklin once said,
    "those that would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

  11. Archnid 001

    don't let your country become london.

  12. shin chan

    Criminals? As in ppl who want to expose the crimes of government officials…..smh chinese are so naive.

  13. Francis Lee

    Facial Recognition technology has been used by many governments, including USA and Canada. What are you Wall Street Journal people trying to say? Is this the world famous "double standard" again – only I can do it?

  14. Rachmat Santoso

    As fas I know many countries conduct surveillance on their citizens. But only China does it pervasively and in an extreme way. And only China can do it that way since it doesn't have an independent court of law.

  15. LenNay

    they already do this on facebook

  16. Info Hub


  17. Tara Gragg

    7.4 million people don't like it. Get a clue.

  18. Ben F

    Put a mask on.

  19. Daisey Dearman

    That's my point your face is like your finger print

  20. Daisey Dearman

    Sorry conductive test on how there going to make laws

  21. Daisey Dearman

    It pays if you mind your own business. Dumb asses

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