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  1. Daniel Celano

    Simon Pryce from The Wiggles at 0:12.

  2. Meghan D


  3. bombygriz

    Best version of this song, lol!

  4. GeekyGaia

    56 seconds of pure talent…nice job guys

  5. Audreyfan1001


  6. olybb

    Me encantan estas guapuras Jajaja. Sólo estaban pasando un buen rato y bromeando tras bambalinas!.. Hay 15 personas Sin sentido del humor 😉

  7. Erik Olsson

    you had me dance

  8. PandaBearWithATaco

    Love! It! xD glad there's comedic fans of Webber with great voices xD

  9. luna23255

    @91LisaLou I guess the people who disliked didn't realize that they were just messing around.

  10. 91LisaLou

    Love it! Don't understand all the dislikes, they're only messing around with it!

  11. DarthxErik


  12. Nannerl Kivu

    funny! veeery funny! XD

  13. Christie Bettencourt

    0:20! THE DUDE FREAKING FLICKED US OFF! Also can't they sing it correctly?!

  14. Kaleb Becerra

    no like no like!! u.u

  15. Chris Sparks


  16. Becky Howie

    Hahahaha this is great!

  17. wickedpheonix1995

    LOL, that just made my day 😀

  18. LiltedLullaby

    AHHH too many good looking men 😀 very good – it makes a suprisingly good jazz number 🙂

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