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  1. Jkapricorn

    I wish this was in America commercials

  2. bruce0750

    I would have taken it, but then my mom would demand me to surrender it, and she would have taken out the money and put it in a different red envelop and give it to the aunt's kid. All about preserving that face / social grace.

  3. Devron Ave


  4. Jae August Andrews

    Im confused as to why she have to refuse the red packet? Was it because if you accept the red packet it means you're not that well off and if you're the one giving the red packet you're kinda rich to the point you're sharing your money to your relatives?😅

  5. Marcus Tan

    I don't quite agree to it. Nobody would reject the red packets if only u understand the meaning behind our culture.

  6. D

    Joke ad I have never seen people refusing red packets. You are judged by how much you give in China

  7. Velin Caroline Huang

    Happy Lunar Time!!! 🎆🎇🎉🎊🎆🎇🎉🎊

  8. Cp MooN

    Why would you reject angpow from your elders 😅😅😅

  9. Samuel M

    Obviously, red is a colour of communism
    It takes back when China influenced by Soviet union

  10. ChickenSushi

    For those being really RUDE and culturally insensitive.
    This is taking rejecting literally. Irl it’s more like when someone says someone is pretty and they respond with oh I’m not that pretty because they want to be humble. It’s like that, they ‘reject’ the money to be humble but will obviously always take it eventually because of course they would it’s money.

  11. mamshiegracy

    Meanwhile in our country, that red pocket is what we look forward to receive during the holidays esp from our godmother/godfather. 😂

  12. aj conway

    Why they have a tradition to refuse the red envelope fill with money?,i don't get it, can someone enlight me please

  13. Novi Tjoeng

    😁😂👟👟 nike LOL. ❤

  14. Explosive Mode Sonic Maurice the Hedgehog

    Actually the pseudo red packet refusal theory is actually showing your moderateness (not greedy),but it was extinct in overseas Chinese and limited to gifts that has a high cost by strangers (example:IPad)

  15. El Guapo

    Pretty cool! 🤣 I love ❤️ this 😁

  16. jyuean

    cny eat so much. just run it off

  17. An Leng Uy

    This video is so sweet~

  18. dumpster

    Why would she reject the red packet?

  19. Alexander Huang

    Funny play by Nike. A situation every kid who has received a red envelop has encountered

  20. Mike Satyra

    This is so cute

  21. JD vlog

    who else in here refuses a red pocket just to pretend but deep i your head you want them to force it to you and you accept it and say thank you 😂

  22. Chang

    Nice white man

  23. m sun

    It’s not in Chinese tradition to not accepting lucky money.

  24. uwu uwu

    i say no to it
    but inside i really want it
    this year no one gave me…
    i'm getting old?:(

  25. weird thing, irrespectful

  26. Anthony Z

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. Even though it is just a commercial, a child cannot say NO to receive a red envelope from elders. This just shows how western companies have zero knowledge of other cultures nor do they respect them

  27. ceastar martin

    i'm a foreigner student in Guangzhou.
    Give me some red packets.lol😂

  28. Eyuel Negash

    If only i had aunt like that


    My children like this tradition even though we aren't Chinese and we celebrate new year in different dates, they don't refuse the red envelopes!!!😊

  30. Aaron Hua

    When she go to college, she would hate herself for not taking it

  31. Willson Jo

    Can someone explain, is it normal when people rejecting red package? And what is the reason they refusing money?

  32. A-Troller-On4Chan

    Who would reject money?

  33. buddy man

    I Love the red pocket tradition 😍

  34. LighteN Ing

    I'd run towards the aunt if i were the girl…

  35. Natalie Reyes

    hahaha loved it!

  36. Savage Rice Cake

    This ads is absolutely nothing, but truth.

  37. Pedro Flores

    Coming from El Salvador and I love ❤️ this video – it’s priceless

  38. Lai Chee Wai

    First they mess up Hong Kong now they're trying to mess up the chinese traditions and customs. What will they think of next?

  39. Thinkout782

    Literally me, before I go on my knees, and beg for the money and thanking my familu😂

  40. condorX2

    Woa! I almost misunderstood the message from the beginning of this video, then I realize the red money envelope was the main spot light and the bond between family members.

  41. Exu

    laughs in Asian

  42. Kami No Yami

    There is another way to reject red packets

    UNO Reverse Card

  43. Kami No Yami

    Aunt: here is a red Packet
    Girl: bye

  44. ari asura

    That s one of the best ads I saw … Funny, with tradition, and it make my heart warm 🥰🥰😍 just love it

  45. 无品带刀侍卫

    Mom: where is the HONGBAO
    Me: what?
    Mom: give to me, I will keep for you.

  46. Haoto - Anime on Piano

    I thought it was highlighting how our parents have to give out red pockets too so you're told not to take any because of that.

    That has never happened to me before but I would do that…

  47. Thrawn

    Far better than most lousy American television ads

  48. Hans Weissman

    Jesus Nike is smart…..this little girl literally helped her aunt to live to a hundred…..What's better than helping an elder……Holy cow, it's traditional….

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