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  1. adrian avram

    she is saying that high carbs/high fiber diet recommended by FDA in food pyramid is not based on science? that is also on the back of the check she received from meat industry

  2. adrian avram

    she avoid like fire to discuss the fiber importance you cannot get from meat

  3. adrian avram

    the study that say meat is good is founded by meat industry, but what make vegetarian diets valuable is the statistics of thousand of years on millions of people from all cultures

  4. adrian avram

    what they sell at the store in the meat section is not meat -is a cocktail of chemicals made by a cow

  5. adrian avram

    when you cannot make any money writing books or article you use your language skills to serve the meat industry detrimental to science and statistics

  6. adrian avram

    red meat cause diabetes bc of the fat interfere with insulin use inside cells-and cause insulin resistance

  7. adrian avram

    science discussed by a journalist is like you get your heart surgery to a barber.

  8. Raymond Max

    Is it possible to lose weight eating only meat???

  9. Veronica V

    Give me meat!

  10. S.L.S

    Sounds good. If your American and you care about your health, the American dietary guidelines are to be revised in 2020. Unfortunately of the 20 people on the panel that will decide what changes should be made to the guidelines is a Seventh Day Adventist who believes that eating meat is a sin. There are also some died in the wool vegans who would never tolerate saying yes to any kind of meat.even though there is NOT one single CLINICAL study linking red meat to heart disease. The rest are the old guard who put out the corrupted data the guidelines have been using for decades. So, unless there is a revolt by the American people the guidelines will remain the same ole same ole garbage guidelines.

  11. finding myhealing

    Do book review on emfs and toxins and cancer vs food

  12. finding myhealing

    So people who had late stage heart disease reversed is not good science?

  13. finding myhealing

    Alpha gal

  14. finding myhealing

    Study klinghardts work and emf affects on gut bugs

  15. finding myhealing

    Healthy gut bugs produce our b vitamins

  16. finding myhealing

    How much have u studied kidney disease

  17. finding myhealing

    Meat converts to carbs in body when protein needs r met

  18. finding myhealing

    I HAVE MS and lyme disease when i eat animal meat i cannot walk. Low fat vegan i can walk. Dig deeper.

  19. S.L.S

    Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a BIG proponent of red meat also. She says that vegans and vegetarians make up only 1/2 of 1 % of the population. It's time to stop listening to them. It's time to stop fake science from ruling and ruining our lives.

  20. skottidogg10

    OK…So conflicting opinions AND science on strict vegetable/meat diets. This is because each individual should adhere to a diet that is right for them alone. I know from my experience that I cannot digest animal proteins properly. The b12 factor has to do with how well your microbes deal with the nutrients they receive and the absorption of it through the digestion process. ANY diet will work for a period of time, and will grant noticeable benefits for brief periods. Stick with reasonable science based on yourself, but nobody can utilize 30+ grams of protein in a day, or 10+grams of fat in a day etc… Vegan/paleo/carnivorous/keto/fruit may all show benefits briefly, but for long term success you need to know what your body needs according to your astrological reading in combination with your climate/environment, including seasonal changes. NOT what your neighbor is eating, not what TV commercials are recommending, not a Youtube video…find out who YOU are!

  21. Barbara Lyman

    What about grass fed vs grain finished beef? We had some great grass fed beef in Oregon but where I live now the grass fed quarter of a beef we ordered from a local rancher was tasteless. My husband said it tasted like liver which in our household isn't a compliment.

  22. Bear up

    Death is caused by living Cause living is a health hazard it kills you 😊🤣

  23. Stephen Grass

    As a complete dietary idiot I’d add only one thought – a conscientious Keto diet and a conscientious vegan diet tend to have in thing in common: neither one consumes factory foods; cookies, desserts, junk foods and so on. So could some of the good results often experienced by people on either diet be due to what they DON’T eat?

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