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  1. starlord225


    The feeding window- 11:45
    Cross drops on drummer- 17:55
    Shirtless pic of young Zach- 20:37
    Sponsors- 31:2735:19
    Salt Bae riding a meat hook- 35:46
    Kim Jong Un riding a white horse- 37:33
    New scooter video- 41:05
    Scumbag of the decade- 42:20
    Time to squash the beef (Ian the intern)- 46:04
    New Star Wars trailer review- 1:09:45
    Joker movie review- 1:18:40
    Pewdiepie banned in China- 1:39:20
    Influencers giving out their phone numbers- 1:53:51
    Trisha update- 2:22:51
    Getting swatted by people- 2:26:22

    – I love you all and I hope y’all have a wonderful day, papa bless and stay safe out there❤️🙏

  2. CyrusRiffs

    America won't stand up to China while they owe them $14 trillion

  3. Nat Le

    Is that not illegal to advertise like that to kids because that’s who will be ringing ?

  4. jadeine

    uh If you’re watching at this hour type uhm Ian did a mayonnaise gag great job Ian on the mayonnaise gag love ya Ian great job no say this sorry say this I like that what do you you have any ideas it’s not that funny type Ashton Kutcher say Ashton Kutcher is a big ass dingdong dude Ashton Kutcher can lick my salty smelly ballss di di mega doo doo

  5. CJ Abdon

    OMG HILA <3

  6. VeryNice

    Hila has no idea the landmine she's stepped on trashing IF lol

  7. Ben Dover

    you both look so good!

  8. Fiqri Rihyawan

    Ethan, pls don't go on keto diet, for a younger individual it might work but for a grown man it may increase chance of getting a stroke because of the excessive fat intake. Just try intermittent fasting like u already did + calisthenics workout (no gym membership no problem). Just eat a bunch of protein+fruits and limit carbohydrate intake for a caloric deficit. Believe me 6 months later u'll see differences and start seeing muscular definition.

  9. Asch Aurion

    Ashton Kutcher can lick my salty, smelly balls

  10. MotorFroggo

    Ashton Kuschter is a big ass ding dong dude, ashton kuschter can lick my salty, smelly BAAAALLLLLZZZZZ

  11. Mr Wax

    Ashton kushter can lick my salty smelly BAAAALLLLSSS

  12. Mugi V

    1:11:17 we need a sound byte of dan's "OHHHH B o IIIII"

  13. Hamza Iqbal

    Ian did a mayonnaise gag. Great job on the mayonnaise gag. Love you Ian great job.

    Ashton Kutcher is a big ass ding dong dude. Ashton Kutcher can lick my salty sweaty BAALLLSS

  14. Kelli Peterson

    ian did a mayonnaise gag. great job on the mayonnaise gag ian. love you ian.

  15. Ay Panini

    Ethan just workout lmao

  16. Mp0D YT

    John Wick is okay but Joker is too much? What?

  17. A Guy Named 5

    Ian and that mayonnaise should be an anime altogether

  18. Electro Simbol

    I did Keto last year with less than than 25g of daily carbs or sugars and went down from 200lbs to 170lbs in one month. I stoped because it was becoming hard to take a shit due to the lack of fiber. Just make sure you are getting Fiber sups since your fruit intake is almost nonexistent.

  19. MizzFunny

    Ashton Kutcher.. Barbara Streisand. But Ian did do a sweet mayonnaise gag and I do like Ian.

  20. KingKongKock Inyourtinyhole

    The Joker movie was Perfect! Im from Australia were Heath Ledger is beloved by everyone even myself and imo they both Nailed their roles 10/10

  21. elLocodelsubte

    Damn chill with the ads jewboy

  22. KingKongKock Inyourtinyhole

    Love this show but we really gotta blame these fans that see these shitty 'Star Wars" films. Like you're enabling this dirt buying their merch i can't believe it.
    Even Luke Skywalker / Matt Hoffman dumps on it heavy. Sad to see everything we loved turned in poo

  23. DividSkii

    on TV when they say "you can vote just text 4440 ect " their just farming numbers

  24. D Bo

    Yeah, you guys forget that the United States government breaks it's own privacy laws over 3,000 times a year to be able to tack you down. Seriously.

  25. CoralBunny

    Hila is so pretty wtf

  26. Golden Shepherd

    Of course homie gotta pee so bad again. 37:19

  27. Cheeky Stank And His Friend

    Love and respect Ian and his shirt. Bless you Ian the Salaried Employee <3

  28. **{PLAYBOI} ** CARTI ! **

    Ashton kutcher can lick my salty smelly balls.

  29. eamonhewitt

    Ashton Kutcher is a big ass ding dong dude, he can lick my salty sweaty balllllssss


    Sometimes midsentence eathan just stops and I think I accidentally paused it for a second 😂

  31. ROSS

    Ninja doing this is shady as fuck. His general fan base is ages 10-16? maybe higher idk. But OF COURSE these numbers will be farmed and their data will be sold. Definitely going to happen.

  32. Joseph Stovall

    Shee jeengpeeng

  33. SaggyPig 4321

    Does Ethan realize that America is a Constitutional Republic not a Constitutional democracy? We have democratic values though. Also Trump does have a spine, and that's what's pissing off so many people that sucked Obama's dick. Obama would've said nothing. BTW I love the show and have been and H3 fan for years, but I just wanted to voice my opinion.

  34. Xavier Darden

    “Carrots in the ass, mayonnaise in the mouth”

  35. eamonhewitt

    For Joker, I wouldn’t say that there wasn’t a political message. There was clearly a political message, but the media has twisted it into something different

  36. eamonhewitt

    I personally liked The Last Jedi.

  37. kumagin yurier

    That video of the little girl breaks my heart, she absolutely knew what he was doing. She looked right at him, sighed sadly and hopelessly and then messed with her hair embarrassedly. Breaks my damn heart.

  38. Riley Christian

    Ashton Kutcher is a big ass ding-dong dude
    Ashton Kutcher can lick my salty smelly ballsss!

  39. Riley Christian

    Ian did a mayonnaise gag, great job Ian on the mayonnaise gag. Love ya Ian, Great job!

  40. Andy Zarbo

    Great job Ian on the mayonnaise gag!

  41. The Meme Archive

    Trump in the background. China? China?

  42. TheFreshPrinceOfSaiyans

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who immediately had to repeat “vic roys” out loud. Lmao.

  43. Raider260

    oi Ian's got such an attitude in that contracts' diction
    also vibe with zach's explanation of the Joker movie's value

  44. Zack And Daniella

    Please go vegan guys, I love you and you should be vegan and love yourself. Not telling you what to do but I care about you and your health ♥️ it would be cool if you have it a shot and talked about it. Love the animals.

  45. Abundiz133 Gaming


  46. MangoDogg

    Ashton kucher is a big ass ding dong dude.

  47. dino

    you're on point Dan!

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