Ninjutsu Training – Ninja's 16 fists are introduced!

In the basic teachings of Ninjutsu art, the art of the ancient Japanese ninja warriors has a list of sixteen "fists" or body weapons. This so-called "list" [because the ninjas despise the concept and concept of the list because of its restrictive nature] are collectively referred to as from

Ninja Hiden-Juroppo-ken from

 "The 16 secret fists of the ninja."

This article provides a basic list of these natural body weapons that allow ninjas to do more than just blow and kick – they allow shinobi warriors to control the flow and exit of the battle! However, before I simply list the general fists taught by each student of the real Ninjutsu School, I want to talk about some very important understandings – especially if you focus on mastering, not just learning some "trciks" "Where will you impress your friends."

In fact, there are many so-called "fist", or can be used to fight the body area over the age of sixteen. However, the traditional list covered in this article not only provides a good starting point, but also allows…

  • Focused and highlighted
  • The student overcomes the tendency to limit his or her fist "view" to the hand.
  • Includes all other variations and professional forms
  • Develop the basis for principles and concepts related to combat strategies

Ninja from

Concealed – juroppo county from

 , or "Ninja's 16 Secret Weapons", is an important starting point for the development of powerful and powerful combat skills known for the Ninja Warriors.

The 16 secret fists of Ninja include:

  • Kikaku-ken [Zutski] – Headbutt
  • Fudo-ken – clenched fist
  • Shikan-ken – Telescopic Boxing [' Chisel'] Fist
  • Boshi-ken – thumb tip
  • Shooting – knife hand
  • Koppo-ken – Thumb-knuckle
  • Shitan-ken – 3 – 4 fingertips reinforced together
  • Happa-ken – Open hand [slap in the face]
  • Shako-ken – Palm heel/claw hand
  • Shishin-ken – any single finger
  • Shuki-ken – elbow/forearm
  • Sokki-ken – knee/tibia
  • Sokuyaku-ken – heel
  • Sokugyaku-ken – Football / Toe
  • Tai-ken – the whole body as a weapon
  • Shizen-ken – natural weapons [teeth, chin, shoulders, buttocks, etc.]

By looking at this list, it's hard to see anything that is not found in other martial arts. Even if a particular art or system does not contain all of these attacks, each of them may be found together in one or the other form in other systems.

However, it must be remembered that the ninja's fist, like any other technique, skill or tactic in the Shadow Warrior's arsenal, is not a secret – that is the way they use it. Ninjutsu's art is as big as the world today. The difference between most more traditional "styles".

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