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  1. Dennis Rivenburg

    Nixon was a smart man, Trump is a dumb buffoon.

  2. Brian Delaney

    Potemkin villages. Cultural Revolution was still going on

  3. Jose Carlo Ibabao

    I remember the two interpreters of Mao , Mrs. Zhang Hanzhi and I forgot another one beside Premier Zhou Enlai

  4. 于鹏志


  5. November

    quite a good speech on the great wall, did he come up with that on the fly?

  6. Bien Kee

    This historic visit by Pres.Nixon and Mrs.Nixon is the greatest moment in history. May the good relations between US & China continue for ever! TQ Pres.Nixon & First LadyUSA.

  7. sawadee

    Spineless Nixon with no morals whatsoever

  8. zach naranjo

    Anyone here after trump goes to North Korea? Very similar to this historic moment

  9. Jack Bat

    Who came here after Donald Trump became the first US President to set foot in North Korea? 🇺🇸🇰🇵🇰🇷

  10. Vietkong Fire

    Nixon has always been great at speaking.. Great times in human history.

  11. Zheng Lydia


  12. Translated Videos

    1. 周恩来个人作风一流。
    2. 唐闻生口齿清楚发音准确,中英文都一样。其他不敢恭维。她说基辛格自己说的,来中国是为了美国的利益,神色轻蔑。我不能说她不对,但是理解上有断章取义之嫌。
    3. 第一次听冀朝铸说英语。艾玛,和我们这里一半的留学生一样,一辈子矫不准口音。
    4. 从来没听见章含之说英语。
    5. 尼克松其实是个老实人。多一点城府,他的中国谈判不会那么急,不会留下台湾问题的尾巴让两岸暗斗几辈子。多一点城府,水门事件不会把他弄得那么焦头烂额最后下台。他后来身心俱损,完全垮了。

  13. Gio Corvino

    Nixon was a great leader…..with all the stuff leaders get away with today, Watergate would seem like nothing in 2019. He was also very lucky to have such a great advisor by his side, Kissinger was a damn political genius, the likes of which have never been displayed by any modern political strategist imo

  14. jannica devera

    Richard Nixon starts to help China and when China is become a next global superpower through the help of the United States china become a monster hehe

  15. D C

    Google all these names..funny. .they are all extremely wealthy.

  16. J T


  17. scott7864589

    For all his faults, President Nixon (along with Kissinger) knew his foreign policy. For good or ill, depending on how you look at it, Nixon opened up China to Western ideas and the seeds of capitalism took root. A double-edged sword cuts both ways.

  18. A L

    周总理办事真的让人放心。 不论是敬酒还是陪同出游,分寸拿捏得特别好。

  19. One World

    You are a good president after all …. Thank you Mr. President Nixon.

  20. Joshua Willis

    Nixon was doing so well as a president then he had to fuck it up with watergate and starting the infamous drug war

  21. SmootherLiver

    What's the song that starts at 24:32?

  22. Isaac Resek

    Américas biggest mistake.

  23. Ander Ander

    very interesting footage!, and see how has changed china since then, specially shangai, is incredible!….

  24. Xiaobo Zhang

    i have learnt a lot about Premier Chou from books, however, i never got the feeling that he is a real PERSON until i watched this video, oh my dear, everything is so vivid, he stands, walks, speaks, laughs just like any old man i can see in my daily life. Meanwhile, consider his unique revolution experience from young age to death, from Japan to Europe, from Guangzhou to Nanchang, from Jianggang Mountain to Yanan, from Xibaipo to Beijing, the long march, his serving in government, his suffering in the culture revolution, all these make him stand out from general old people. He himself is the history.

  25. tatama

    Never thought video with such quality and details exists!

  26. Frank Huang


  27. B W gaming YT


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