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  1. whitehope

    I hope the speaker in this video reads these comments. I decided to go to medical school due to the horrible care I received as a teenager by a stupid negligent foreign doctor. I completed medical school at the very top of my class followed by a residency at a world class trauma center followed by a fellowship. I aced the mcat with a score in the 99.7 percentile range. I am a better physician then you will ever be. I have zero debt from medical school since I maintained a business while attending school and I actually sold my home and cashed in to pay for medical school. I am what they refer to as a unconventional medical student due to my age which makes it very hard to get accepted to a medical school. Illegal aliens should not be eligible to attend medical school since there are so many better potential students. How can you take the hippocratic oath when you are immoral and live a immoral life illegally.

  2. whitehope

    This is just proof that illegals come just for the freebies. Illegals are a financial burden to the American taxpayers. Illegals are stealing the the American dream. There is literally no such thing as a undocumented immigrant, but there are illegal aliens. Since her mom could not rip off tax payers for health care she decided to illegally enter Canada and burden and rip off Canadian citizens. Why didn't she just return to Mexico where they provide free health care for the people unable to afford it. The title of this video should be called how to get as many freebies as possible.

  3. drtbag39

    You lost A sub for this trash. This is angering to say the least.

  4. Peter Rabitt

    Here's a plan: move into the country legally. For example, try this in Australia, and they will INSTANTLY arrest and deport you, no questions asked.

  5. RalphCharles MarjorieB

    Free is Great when you don't have to pay…what about the rest of us?

  6. JVKK2008

    America left the chat.

  7. Colleen Casey

    Just curious about how someone who is an illegal, undocumented immigrant in the US can live here for decades, go to school, college, work as a nurse and never in all that time apply for citizenship? How does one work as a nurse and not receive employer health benefits? i'm honestly asking because I do not know and I didn't hear this addressed in the lecture. Thanks to anyone who can answer these questions.

  8. pork chop

    What I don't understand is if you obtained an education in United stated as an undocumented immigrant, why don't you just do the right thing and become documented? and, instead of advocating for the undocumented immigrants and teaching them how to milk the system, why don't you teach them how to become a documented citizen. If or when you become a doctor you will learn how much money uninsured undocumented immigrants are milking the hospitals dry. we have to treat them, but they don't have to pay. how is that fair for the people that did it the right way by becoming a citizen? You sound ungrateful for your education. you can go anywhere else in the world and you probably would not be able to accomplish what you have done for yourself here.

  9. b33lze6u6

    Imagine trying to get a country to provide expensive medical care to people who arent citizens of that country. Im all for foreign aid and humanitarian spending but thats a little much lol

  10. Paul Arbuckle

    boo hoo i'm a citizen and i don"t have health insurance. guess what i don't trust the police either. Whats gets me is how everbody is fighting too get to the festering butthole of modern medicine. good work now the united states will become just like the socialist shithole you fled from.

  11. Parps

    "When I immigrated to the United States from Mexico with my family" ofc she starts her story acting as if her family did nothing wrong and she's just like every other immigrant family 😑😑 stop sugar coating it by giving it fancy names like "undocumented", your family illegally crossed the border and that's a crime🙄 It's hard to sympathize with ppl when they act as if they did nothing illegal and it's simply America's fault for having any laws and not letting any one into their borders in😑 Give me a break

  12. Sean Thomas

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