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    Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🔥

  2. Vania Alexandra Torrijos Sánchez

    This is one of my favorite worship songs, but this version is my favorite thing, so real, anointing, full of presence of God, thank you for giving us this, and letting us being part of this intimate moment❤

  3. joshshanghai

    What a beautiful, powerful song! Please release this on Apple Music!

  4. JA

    Always! Wow!!!

  5. Oscar Perez

    “ Jesús, you don’t own me anything… “

    Wow! Goosebumps 💕

  6. Dialmarys Velez

    Edward Rivera! i am so happy hispanic people are part of this big church

  7. Casey Sams

    this brought tears to my eyes

  8. Kimjo Lo

    Only you satisfy my heart, sooo the truth! Thank you Yeshua for such sweet mercy on us all💝

  9. Will Silva

    Tranks Lord 🥺😭😭🔥❤

  10. Cecilia J

    Hermoso 💕 🎶

  11. Lydia Eyase

    Take me back to my first love….I just want You,nothing else will do🙏

  12. desip73

    I'm not here for blessings, Jesus you don't owe me anything.

  13. Craft Guillen

    Hermosa canción. Todo lo que uno necesita decirle a Dios!! #Necesito de ti

  14. Diana Caussade

    Hallelujah take me back to my first love

  15. Benito Perez

    Blessings beautifull song for my precious jesus. He is the only one that gives truly love. Blessing from belize

  16. carlos morell

    All the glory to God !kings of kings ! i love you Jesus ,take me back to my first love ,i beg you .

  17. delaxy


  18. Janel Martinez

    I can't stop listening to this song! So good! Ty Jesus for true worshipers!

  19. alicia jeffrey

    Such a beautiful intimate song. Continue to sing and lead God's people into such a beautiful atmosphere of worship and praise to our God.

  20. Christian

    Seek the Lord above all else. This world will pass away but Jesus and His kingdom never will. I pray whoever reads this becomes encouraged, wherever you’re at in your walk with God. He loves you, He has a plan, He never left you. Trust in Him. Read His word and walk in the Spirit. God bless


    Why can’t I find this song on Apple Music 😩😭😭 someone help!!!

  22. Kristie Cummings

    Nothing else will do. Take me back LORD ! Take me back to my first love. Nothing will satisfy my heart but YOU LORD … I'm overwhelmed 😭❤😭❤😭

  23. Rainer Kuc.

    I do not want you only! I want to surrender to you!
    I want to love what you love, Jesus. I want to hate, what you hate, Jesus. Sin brings us out of the first love. Repentance brings us back to the first love.

    Ich möchte dich nicht nur! Ich möchte mich dir hingeben!
    Ich möchte lieben, was du liebst, Jesus. Ich möchte hassen, was du hasst, Jesus. Sünde bringt uns heraus aus der ersten Liebe. Buße bringt uns zurück in die erste Liebe.

  24. Jaimee Dianna

    I just want you JESUS!!! PLEASE! PLEASE GOD! 😭🙌🏾😇💕

  25. jonathan kunzvi


  26. JESUS Anchor of my SOUL KatherineT

    Come HolySpirit of Jesus our Messiah🎚🎼🎵🎶🎵🕊👼🏼

  27. Mike Trejo

    I needed this today

  28. Michelle Estrella

    Yes!! Hallelujah. First love always him 🙏🏼💕🕊

  29. TheJonyduran

    I had the pleasure of mixing this 🙂
    Insta: jonyduranofficial

  30. Bonita Sawyer

    Wow!!!!! I agree!!!!!!

  31. elrich jantjies

    That moment when you forget all the hurt and pain around you… And just enjoy his presence.

  32. Wanja Ngigi

    Nothing Else will do, I just want you.

  33. Mercy Mburu

    I currently have injuries that prevent me from leaving the house – let alone go to church – but NOTHING can stop me from being in God's presence.
    His grace, his mercy and ultimately his LOVE surrounds me wherever I go.

    And as I lay right now in this bed playing this song again and again, unpacking its masterfully put call for us to return to the holy of holies, to cease being engulfed by everything around us and instead sit by his feet like Mary basking in his glory and wonder, and wanting to hear his voice through whatever situation… I have received a strong message that indeed nothing else will do, I just want you Jesus!

    And so I am reminded of the goal which I press on towards in this wonderful life God has given.

    Take me back to the one who first loved me.

  34. Mary Yan

    Such an honest song. Thank you Lord for this honest song!

  35. Tio Tio

    Nothing else will do….

  36. Natalie Fay

    Beautiful. This is such a powerful song, may all who hear this recieve their breakthrough as they begin to Worship

  37. CaptMoo

    Gracias Edward … My new favorite song. THE LYRICS THOUGH!!!!! Just powerful. Im not here for the blessings… I just want you. Ooh…

  38. Genesis Mabilangan

    ONLY YOU CAN SATISFY, JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. StayedReady


  40. Esrom kirk

    I'm not here for blessings Jesus you owe me nothing.
    Yes! That's the point to be in his presence

  41. Nakato Prossy

    The Holyspirit ls here

  42. Nakato Prossy

    I just want u nothing else will do

  43. Brian Kimani

    Lord i am sorry, i open up my heart to you😥😫😭 I give myself to you Holy Spirit..I just want you

  44. Jonas Rameder

    thank you JESUS and thank you Cody, Hank, Jessie and thank you Bethel Music 🙂

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