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  1. The Crafty Cyborg

    Not gonna lie, as someone with severe IBS-C, there are times my normal tricks aren’t enough and find myself dangerously close to buying myself some “detox”, ie laxative, teas. Then I remind myself how awful they taste and instead do a shot of liquid magnesium, lol.

  2. Holly L

    yooouuuuuuuu are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Roselandron Kana

    I'd like to say that your intros are very wholesome, the cute "yes you who etc." is very personable!

  4. Communism will win!

    As a german … I would like to throw in that if you want to bring "schpiel" back maybe do it in the correct form of "spiel"? Just a suggestion
    it's still pronounced "schpiel" so no problem there.

    I am always amazed by the amount of "german"(ic) words in english but it's probably due to heavy german and European-jewish migration as "schpiel" – with the sch – could be from yiddish decent but I don't know.

  5. KC P

    Monica found a post from a woman telling a heartbreaking story about losing a pregnancy & how she's 'inducing' from home (were thick into trigger territory, choosing my words carefully…more carefully than she did)…she wrapped her narrative up by pitching essential oils to help manage her pain 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ nooooo…that's what REAL drugs are for FFS. The lack of self awareness is fucking astonishing.

  6. cine sanders

    Robert K. is a "financial guru" with a book titled "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". It's used by many mlm companies to encourage entrepreneurship. The Mary Kay representative should go to the pink lighthouse website for suggestions of how to handle legalities.

  7. Just opokikhbnok

    Bobby K (as we called him at my high school) is a snake oil sales man. He wrote "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" which he alleged to be based on true events and then backed tracked saying it was fake. It basically encourages you to drop out of school and invest in real estate, and then in later chapters tells you to do neither of those things cause it's dumb. Basically don'y listen to him.

  8. Joann Triolo

    HELLO!! So I was thinking&wondered what you think.. I'm bad at writing so excuse my composition. D.Young is like bootleg LRonHubbard!!You have to Look into Scientology, I have always wondered how to categorize it& I think its an mlm! An MLM that followed the PROSESS to its furthest conclusion, a religious cult! what do you think? Its like Amway,has testimonials,sells books as a COVER etc. It would be awesome if you looked into it&made a piece!!

  9. Anne Margaret

    Happy New Year Den Mother and to everyone on here! 😊

  10. Svartr

    '… Amway was just a pay-to-play dress-up club for adults pretending to be rich entrepreneurs.'
    I feel this. I was once in Amway. There were some good things about it, but the above is pretty spot on.

    Leaving Amway (actually, any of my MLM's) was easy and unproblematic for me too. I feel so bad for people who get treated poorly.

  11. Brainfryde

    Banks offer 6months or more protection to reverse unintended charges. You would need to return anything the vendor sent you of course, and pay for what you used / restocking perhaps.

  12. UnscrupulousAgitator

    The KATE app allows you to access the PECB courses assigned to you
    (PECB stands for Professional Evaluation and Certification Board )

  13. Nichole Vasquez

    Robert kiasaki wrote “rich dad, poor dad” basically talking about how he looked up to his friends “rich dad” who did better in life than his own “poor dad.” I liked the idea in the beginning, but as I got deeper into his books, you realize his books sell seminars on how to be a millionaire, which just tell you to buy his books and start your own “business/MLM” to free yourself from the rat race.

  14. Nichole Vasquez

    Haha! Yes! Shoutout for Michelle mcDaniels!

  15. Amber Zeno

    I was part of the cocoa exchange. MLM all the way! You need recruits to earn more, they have yearly conventions, give “free” trips. It use to be called Dove Chocolate Discoveries and they did a name change and had a promotion to become a “founder”

  16. Amber Malone

    I know why that hun posted that clearly photoshopped photo. It's not that people who join MLMs are unintelligent. They're typically very bright. But they all seem to vastly underestimate the intelligence of other people. They falsely think they can outsmart anyone. She probably noticed the door in the photo but assumed all of her followers would be too dumb to connect the dots. I have a friend who has tried to outsmart me into giving her an opening for her sales pitch at least 3 times, all unsuccessfully, despite the fact that the second time I made it completely clear that I'm not interested.

  17. Michelle SanAngelo

    The Huns call their MLMS direct sales and network marketing in their posts. I think the companies put the word out to not use MLM. After the whole Advocare thing with the FTC plus Lularoe, Monat and Young Living having lawsuits out they have to be shook but they just can't say that at the top of the pyramid.

  18. Retroflection

    1:05 Oh, how the turn tables….

  19. Squidward Tentacles

    Omg the Arbonne one…illegal! Illegal as crap! I would get my money back and also file a police report. Your friend deserves the weekend in jail.

  20. Squidward Tentacles

    Den mother, speaking of resolutions, do you have any? I don’t do much on those but I do a word of the year. Last year was “consistency” but this year’s I haven’t picked yet

  21. Merlote

    I'm willing to bet that the last one just didn't see it. But then again, if you look up photoshop fails, even professionals sometimes screw up photoshopping, which is why there are models out there missing limbs and such. Photoshop is easy to learn, but just as easy to mess up.

  22. roycesa

    Woohoo, according to the ad before the video, I can totally start my own "home business" and this class will help me learn how to properly do "network marketing"!!! 😂🙈

  23. Hippie Dachshunds

    Yay!!!!! Thanks for sharing my sweet babies on this video!!! Love you, Den Mother!!

  24. Mylena's Beauty Room

    Omg I was hoping you would make a video about huns in January 😂

  25. Tina

    I watch Michelle McDaniels, too.

  26. Shannon Vlogs

    Aaaahhh! I like Michelle too!!

  27. Lisa Jackson

    I did my Googles. CommuniKate (Kate) is an Amway automated phone system. The distributor pays a fee to access a toll free phone number that accepts voicemails, forwards calls, and does conference calls. For some reason they refer to it as a personal assistant.

  28. Susan Mance

    Loved your "Ursula" reference! LOL

  29. Tamara Carter

    So I just had a quick look at the cocoa exchange website and it is 100% an MLM. They can call it whatever they want but you earn commission by selling products and recruiting new members. You also earn a commission on your members sales and there are bonuses for recruiting extra members.

  30. Stacey Vickers

    Happy you’re back after the brief break! Have been bingeing all your stuff lately. Love it and you❤️

  31. Mary Hunt

    I ran into a real-life hun at work today and couldn't wait to share my tale with Den Mother and my fellow fox trotters. I process licensing applications and part of my job involves working out in the lobby 2-3 times a week helping applicants in person. (the applicants can submit their application online and wait 1-2 weeks until their app is next is the que, or they can come to the office and we can process it on the spot). Anyway, Hun arrived and we had a pleasant exchange. She was very nice and even addressed me by name, which never happens. At the end of our exchange, after I completed her application and provided her license number, she reaches into her purse and pulls out a business card. I thought nothing of it, since I process professional applications for a living and thought she was giving me a business card for her actual job.

    Instead, with a beaming s@#$-eating grin on her face, she proudly proclaims she is also a Mary Kay consultant on the side *insert facepalm* and she would love to give me a free makeover. She said how passionate she is about beauty and would love if I started the new year off with a makeover. I stare at her, with a frozen, deer-in-headlights smile on my face, and she turns the card over, insisting I give her my number. I didn't know what to do or say. If this had happened outside of work I would've simply said no thank you, but since I was at work, I didn't want to appear rude or make her angry.

    Against my better judgment, and best interest, I gave her my cellphone number. If she ever calls, I will just ignore her and hope she goes away. I won't answer the phone unless I recognize the caller, so that shouldn't be too hard. I know I'm not a beauty queen, but I didn't appreciate being made to feel homely at my place of employment. I don't wear makeup because I'm lazy, not because I don't know how. I could fix myself up more, and do on rare occasions, but never in a million years will I allow even one of my precious dollars to fund, support, or encourage an MLM.

    Moral of the story: stop pushing your "business" schemes on unassuming people in their place of employment, Karen. I may not be conventionally beautiful, but at least I'm smart enough not to peddle slop for a pyramid scheme.

  32. Roses Andflour

    No dislikes 4 hours in? Damn! Well done den mother! The amway story OP writes soooo well… English is not my first language but i hope i can get to that level one day. Also why did you censor “cult”? Just curious 🙂

  33. Sara-Jade Beachem

    I know you won't read this but here it is. So, me and my grandma we were in the car. She asked if I used the Mary Kay stuff that she gave me.(Mary Kay more like Mary needs some better make up.) I said no because I said Mary Kay is a scan. I EVEN SHOWED EVIDENCE , but nooooooooo "I been using Mary Kay for 30 years. Guess what happened next,WE SAW A MARY KAY person. Then grandma decided she wanted to "Show you it's not a scam." So, she friggin told the lady that I called Mary Kay a scam and then this lady told this story about her husband thinking that it was a scam and blah blah blah. Basically verbatim of the other stories the other Huns tell. I might be a dumb. 12 year old but I'm not that dumb.

  34. lucarizard

    I always pronounce Monat as Monat – you know, the German word for month….

  35. Marta Leszkiewicz

    I love that you watch Michelle McDaniels, she's one of my favourite youtubers, too! 🙂

  36. shammy dammy

    From videos that feature Monat sellers, it seems that they pronounce it Mo' Nate. Because everyone needs a good Nate in their life.

  37. Cierra Anglin

    10:29 let's get this going, #2020BringBackSchpiel

  38. Joanne Saunsbury

    The house needs knocking that's subsidence

  39. Scraggle D

    Yep, that's a fraudulent charge. It is also a reason to get credit monitoring.

  40. Cathy Cee

    open a disbute with credit card

  41. Scraggle D

    Waiting for you to be on point with a description of my current state in a video lol

  42. blbunger311

    Love your content! Thanks for the great video🤗👌🏻

  43. Kaelynn xx

    my sister just bought some monat SKINCARE…i told her to not use it lol

  44. Cassandra Lyn

    I’m a Jew from NYC, don’t worry I say spiel all the time 🦊🦊🦊 Happy New Year Den Mom!

  45. Katherine Madaras

    The lady who had a $400 charge from her friend, nope, I’d be calling my bank for fraud. So messed up

  46. Carolynne Oldham

    The "before" and "after" photos never cease to amuse me. Hunbots just need to give up and stick to emojis 🤦🏽‍♀️

  47. Saara Karvonen

    To my knowledge the difference between direct sales and multi-level-marketing is thus: In direct sales, a sales rep gets paid according to their sales to customers. So the more you sell, the better the pay. In multi-level-marketing, a sales rep gets paid according to the sales or purchases of other people they have recruited and joining the company will usually give discounts on the really pricey products. So the more your friends buy, the better the pay.
    Edit: it's a very fine line in facebook land.

  48. olingecko

    Thanks for getting me mostly through my non-MLM non-resolution workout today. Helped me put up with all the January gym dudes.

  49. Kimberlee Green

    Finding out that you also watch Michelle McDaniel was the cherry on top of my day! 😀

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