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  1. ZAMination Productions

    This was a blast to direct! Zachary and I had an amazing time working with the EnchantedMob team on this animation. Couldn't have hoped for a better end result! Congratulations to all the talent that worked on this 👍

  2. Jorge Hernandez


  3. Skull Doggo


  4. Nichole Kinney

    The fastes way to get to mcdonels 0:25

  5. Audman

    The Bahamas is in the storm

  6. Thiago A Ventura

    Muito TOP top top top!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Huskerhawk E

    And now animation sins will sin this for the heck of this

  8. Sissy Chamberlain

    People: a great job for me me: nope

  9. Isaiah Camacho

    This Was Sponsored By Cuphead Rap! With One Bad Word And Only On Youtube And Not On TV!

  10. Ryan Stuart

    0:30 who hears Famoy? XD

  11. Crystal Nontell


  12. Fernando Martínez


  13. cool jack

    What was the song at the start of the video


    2:02 Lefty was holding the mic in his right hand

  15. crystalmaker guy

    Don’t get blood on the carpet get it on the other floor mat HOW ABOUT NOT GETTING ANYWHERE

  16. Apple Dash1

    That ending!!!!


    Googlecraft kkkk

  18. Carmine Troisi


  19. Sorenol

    well that was very cool.

  20. CandyThePuppy

    I also like how the blood is somehow blocky, but also liquid looking. You did manage to combine the two!

  21. CandyThePuppy

    Bendy's is right next door XD

  22. CandyThePuppy

    After watching this video is it really a good decision to have Seth be the one giving the thumbs up on the sponsor? :>

  23. CandyThePuppy

    This was amazing! XD
    Funny how it's so cheery and unsettling at the same time.
    The animation and quality were especially good. :]

  24. F0xy G4mer 2008

    Who noticed at 0:27 next to Freddy’s, there’s Bendy’s?

  25. santi pro


  26. Who are you and who am i?

    Cinema sins


    Кто русский?

  28. MeSii

    0:27 "Bendy's" in the background

  29. Just a guy named Mint

    83% off… wait a second.

  30. ninjaevil BR


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