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  1. Twofifty Xplorer

    So many bro moments in this video. I use to watch this on The Box, a local music video channel we had in Phoenix.

  2. King Kami

    JC has the best voice. He was my favorite.

  3. Lore G.Leiva

    2019 ❤😉

  4. Jo Joy

    Love it lol <3

  5. Purplejie

    yeah i want them back all of these boybands,theyre really good


    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah <3

  7. Minh Hai

    I Want N'sync Come Back

  8. Mai

    The video that made my 12 year old self fall in love with Justin. C’mon, who can deny that curly haired blonde?

  9. arcely balingit

    I'm still listening to this yay I so love nsync

  10. Amanda Rector

    Ahhhhh the days when my JT obsession kicked in!!!

  11. Sarah Lynn

    2017 and it's still glorious.

  12. Y W

    if they ever come back I would spend anything to see them I miss them like crazy

  13. King Kami

    Justin is bad.

  14. Sandra Schattmann

    ja das war ein echt guter song

  15. Noblesse K

    teenager of today thy don't like this kind of songs and teenager of 80 thy don't like songs of 95

  16. Charlene Lazaro

    I think the video when they were in space was a lot better. It was definitely a lot funnier hahaha

  17. Kenneth Brown

    this should've been number 1 in USA and made for USA first then UK charted smh they had a very bad manager. it's all mixed up throughout the 1996-1999 for them thank god in 2000 USA knew NSYNC after this and beyond! 🙂

  18. Yader Molina

    esto es lo mejor que se a vívido en la música de mi era

  19. Ken Schuler




  21. Alano Morito

    times where you had to fight for a gril to conquer hear heart
    good old times

  22. Jay Peeps

    the Box days..this used to com on The Box 100 times a day lol

  23. J.S. Wayne

    Talk all the good s*** you want. If you listen to the lyrics, this is one of the perfect songs for a man on his knees trying to figure out how to fix something that simply may not be fixable.

  24. 123Anewor

    This particular video was re-created after they made it big with "Tearing Up My Heart…".  I prefer their original video that was made when the boys were in their early teens (13-14 yrs of age) and was filmed in Europe where their dance moves were mostly featured.  Needless to say, anything by N*Sync is fine with me.  Love 'em!

  25. Mikelyn Dionne

    Ah JC my childhood crush 🙂

  26. JBiNN

    As a hard core rap fan and a all around manly man i fucking love nsync.

  27. Em Bueno

    Can someone tell me why they came out w/ 2 videos ??

  28. Natia Black

    I'm confused. Why did they come out with 2 music videos of this song?

  29. Kushmael McFlurray


  30. Jennifer Ahmed

    Omg, to this day I am still in love with Justin and JC….I feel so old now!!!!!!!! Still forever an <3 NSYNC <3 Fan ~ bring back TRL!!! 

  31. Stephan Berns


  32. James Benton Ticer

    Good new everyone…I am a physicist and I am working on a time machine right now!

  33. Mark Poulsen

    I miss 90s music. I havent liked popular music since. I still listen to this stuff.

  34. chrispleasantable

    This was track 8 and the 1st single from *NSYNC's 1st album "*NSYNC" and was the 4th song I learned by these super amazing guys and is my favorite. *NSYNC, y'all rock! This is a real 1998 party song and love song right here. Cimorelli covered this song as well.

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