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  1. The Food Ranger

    Hope you guys enjoy enjoy the video!!! Happy New Year!! We have lots of videos coming up for you! We just got back from Uzbekistan and are continuing our world noodle journey through central Asia on our way to Europe!!! We're in Malaysia right now (our new home base!!! editing the videos!) Thanks a lot for being a part of the community!

  2. Sulav Mainali

    Visit NEPAL 2020

  3. Hamail Tariq

    Everytime he taste mmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm

  4. Tanna Kavita

    ur china lag was amezing….

  5. zo soussou


  6. Sepa Reed

    The 3rd one looked exceptionally delish 🤤

  7. Ball Sak CH#2

    Last meal before you get in the mobile execution van🇨🇳 I wouldn't eat anything from China

  8. Pakistan Hills and Food


  9. Fred Eval

    He respects other cultures!

  10. MrFolkmetalhead

    If there not spicy why have you used the word nuclear lol, looked good thoigh

  11. WestCoast FiRe

    Would be cool if you did an all vegetarian ep in China or if that was even possible.

  12. 鲍林

    请来中国温州苍南龙港吃街头顶级美食 酸菜鸡壳 牛肉碎 瘦肉丸 牛肉丸 牛杂碎

  13. Ashley Nongkynrih

    8:45 i thought those letters were bowls of noodles

  14. vooo00000000000000000000000000000000ooov


  15. Vinayak Nayak

    And we Indians are addicted to Maggi😂

  16. Angela Zhang

    Love Chongqing xiao mian!! Chongqing has 30 million population not 20 though lol.

  17. jack benson

    mmmm taste the misery….. you KNOW the animals, sentient, conscious beings…. were reduced to nothing in the eyes of this culture.

  18. mdpartho rahman

    how did u know chaina language

  19. Bjjs

    I love noodles my mouth watering

  20. Bjjs

    I'm from Pakistan and I love China

  21. Fscorper Hnamte

    You are nearly reaching 4 million sub i hope u pick me and my gf like the ones u pick before for your every mill sub celebration we watch all your videos Everytime ❤️

  22. Joshua C

    Shut up and eat then maaan

  23. Wang Ken

    Back at what you good at eating noodles!

  24. Angel Pariyar

    visit nepal 2020 please come to Nepal next

  25. Tactical troll

    The first lady be like ''dude i know but stfu and listen and starting eating''…LOL

  26. Herb W

    空 心 茶 … here we called it kangkong … alsa known as morning glory …

  27. Herb W

    … and meanwhile all the aunties were just watching and waiting for the qwailo take the first bite of the well mixed noodles …

  28. Wei Ren


  29. Sepid Aslani

    Noodles seem so delisious. China is really woderful country. Unfortunately i get stuck in my country iran. I hope i can go abroad for studying and experience new life.

  30. S M

    Looks lo ke a City of the 70’s👎🏻

  31. Danny's Food & Travel

    Chongqing is the city of spicy 👍

  32. lawton


  33. Darshan Angadi

    Who thinks the lady in 2:46 looks like bharti singh

  34. Anthony Rivera

    I’m starting to figure out his favorite word lol

  35. Sachin Somanna

    Wait. Why do u have silk road on the back of your shirt.

  36. Porter

    Welcome to my hometown!

  37. jama211

    I swear I can pick your score out of ten by your expressions at this point 😅

  38. bwhb

    Where does the smoky flavor come from?

  39. Hareesh Kumar

    He just ate whole bunch of chemicals in China lol…

  40. x fake


  41. Dr. Crab


  42. singlah

    She was so eager for you to start eating I thought she was going to start feeding you herself if you didn't stop talking.

  43. Ben Lee

    Chongqing food is really delicious

  44. Udin Bata

    That amount of MSG tho…?!..

  45. MrAtesz24

    such a over-eager jerk, I can not believe how you can enjoy a simple paste like this? Have you grown up only on trash food? 😀 Pathetic guy act like an idiot who sees food for the first time in his life.

  46. Som Faizan

    i will unlike your all chinese food videos. Chinese are fake and their foods are also fake

  47. Jack Li

    This noodle looks epic!

  48. Jnan N

    Now Im hungry man !!

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