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  1. Claudia Bothner

    Hard to concentrate/take seriously and get it, when u use celebrity people and not proper photos: She is not pearshaped but hour-glass shaped. This is not a typical heart-shaped face. The suit guy wears a jacket which are sewn to improve shoulder shape and make them LOOK square and wide. She is not what I'd call thin at all, and there is nothing around her to compare, she may be big/tall. He may be slightly overweight, not necessarily round-faced. It'd be much better if you used strangers , better believable o´pictures, maybe drawn.I also learned that women today turn square-faced because of excessive stress…i'll see if I can listen to the rest and take it seríously.Maybe use undressed ppl instead, and full-figure?
    Yellow may mean cigsmoking without filters…not always jaundice.

    Paleness f ex, – do you distinguish btw ppl who don't spend time outdoors… ?

  2. Kat V.

    Your videos are much appreciated! You're helping so many people, thank you.

  3. shilpa soni

    Very informative.. thank you so much

  4. Vinay Kumar

    Thanks a lot Dr. Clara. So much effort to make such videos👌👏

  5. Vania R.

    This is AMAZING.🙏🏻

  6. Nature healing

    Thank you doctor for the hard work

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