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  1. fouzanium

    This song makes me cry, longing for the one who got away.

  2. {HailenB_CS} {Clouds_soldier}

    I like it who is suicidal come here beside me

  3. pevie solis

    Happy 4th Year Without You 😍😍

  4. Leica jaye Francisco

    Been here since 200k views

  5. find.

    On this channel there are a lot of beautiful and pleasant songs ! Step inside : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN7R4RkYIs90Tp6fFaJInFQ

  6. julian sandoval

    These guys are underrated and that makes me mad!! Give them the fame they deserve!!!

  7. Gianluca Natuzzi

    Love these guys so much..so talented and so underrated

  8. UnicornMusic

    "When u want TacoBell but u want Wendy's your like

  9. UnicornMusic

    yes its a no

  10. Chris Ds

    This songs makes me want to say i love you when im still with her
    But now when im not with her anymore it means so much more to me.
    the part where they're walking looking for each other but when they finally meet the walk away from each other and pretend they didn't care, i can really relate to that

  11. GermanSniperBayArea

    ive always loved duets… so here i am…!

  12. Emma Phượng N.

    Please show up to me, my dear.

  13. foo die

    October 2019????

  14. Wahyu Arfany

    This had been my fav 2 years ago. And I come back here now 2019.

  15. Israel Copa

    the intro sounds like "wild and free" :v

  16. FOBY


  17. FOBY

    Counter death

  18. please don't

    0,75 speed has grown on me as a much better version than the original

  19. a c i

    this song makes me depressed

  20. wafe bh

    i kept on searching for them for HOURS !! thank god i found them again <3

  21. Kyle Elyk

    young, wild, and free

  22. Ziljian Qisti

    i thought this was a cover of Young, Wild and Free………

    so what we get high ♫
    so what we smoke weed ♫

  23. Marie LB

    I love this song ☺️

  24. Thevesh Gujre

    Can't tell how much this song and it's music mean to me. Thank you guys for this song. Keep it you. Lots of love from India.

  25. Kenzie

    This is the only song I’ve heard that makes me nostalgic over things that have never happened

  26. Pearl Chingchong

    I forgot their name so i just searched on Google "can't pick up the phone without you" and thank God i found them again

  27. steamed_ bunz

    This lowkey gives me some nostalgic vibes

  28. kevin cruz guemes


  29. Þorsteinn Sigurðsson

    Are the mountains going thru ovulation? :/

  30. J SKN

    Anthony: sees a bike on the ground
    Anthony: It's free real estate

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