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  1. Wanda Wright

    okay this has more views than the original 🤩🤩

  2. aylpro 12l

    Pueden ver esta serie en homecine TV por google se llama high school music the series

  3. Florencia Milagros Lizarraga

    Wtf is this? Mmm.. i dont like Zac and Vanessa sing better

  4. Aysha Grachanin

    Why does her voice sound like they use a lot of auto tune

  5. Hilary Tran

    Am I just seeing things. Or did she hold up a phone case at like 0:16 😧

  6. RichardTDM

    This was an amazing song! 🤧

  7. Diego Ivan Sanchez

    High school musical 2 season 2 vacations

  8. emeline sfe

    Troy and Gabriella, Zac and Vanessa was better.. my childhood..🥺

  9. emeline sfe

    Zac and Vanessa.. everything start with them..

  10. Mollie Gorrod


  11. Mollie Gorrod


  12. Mollie Gorrod

    What is this sorcery

  13. Mollie Gorrod

    I am actually disappointed in Disney

  14. Mollie Gorrod

    Literally nothing in the world can compare to the og hsm.

  15. Mollie Gorrod

    Well this is terrible

  16. Amber Newell


  17. Thais 17

    Hsm original is better ❤️

  18. Ethan Macs

    nostalgia at its finest

  19. Jia-Cara Fernando


  20. Lachy

    The chemistry is real people

  21. Itz_ kriistella

    I like the original better I'm sorry I GREW UP WITH IT I LOVE THE ORIGINAL ONE

  22. Luka Ouedrogo

    it sucks it was better troy est gabriella

  23. ingrid leggeri

    Gabriella and Troy qwq

  24. Twice stole My wig

    This episode left me shook

  25. Winter Breeze

    I thought he was Brad Simpson lol

  26. Sushi Squish

    Uncommon Opinion : Ricky is cuter than EJ 🙃

  27. Alejandros Ramirez

    Me in first episode: ej can go to helll
    Me in last episode: my dude has a heart😭

  28. Jacqueline SantAnna

    First time ej did something right

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