Oriental Carpet Introduction

You can find an oriental carpet in almost any place you may have been, whether it is a royal embassy or a palace or even an ordinary duplex apartment. More importantly, when people often think of carpets, they usually think of oriental carpets. It is probably the carpet style that people first thought of. What is the Oriental Carpet? How is it different from the style of other floors? What makes it different? Why do people often consider it when choosing a carpet?

Oriental rugs are known for their warmth and refined design. Suppose you think your room is empty or missed some kind of distortion, or you want to live in a palace like a royal family. These carpets are very convenient to add a sense of luxury to the room. Genuine oriental rugs are hand knotted or hand woven. This machine-made or tufted floor is not considered an authentic oriental floor. So don't be fooled.

Oriental carpets are mainly produced in the eastern region and can also come from Iran and Turkey. And because these carpets are usually made in countries that pay for cheap labor, they still have affordable value and maintain their high quality. Oriental carpets are subdivided into specific groups based on their production country. Examples of these groups are Persian, Chinese and Turkish carpets. Despite this, the oriental carpets have historically been made in China.

Carpets from the eastern part of the world are usually made of natural fibres; namely wool, cotton and silk. Due to its refined and lustrous quality, oriental flooring made of silk fibers is more expensive than flooring made of wool and cotton. However, since these carpets are usually made of natural fibers, they tend to be more elastic, soft and wear resistant. Therefore, these carpets are not only suitable for the passive part of the house, but also for areas or rooms with large traffic. Oriental products made from synthetic fibers are cheap but not of ancient value. They offer the same quality as carpets made from natural fibers, but they certainly won't last longer than real natural fiber oriental carpets.

Each carpet has its own personality, based on color, design and materials used. The color used for oriental rugs is usually rich in dark earth, dark blue, gold, black and deep red. These colors add to the luxury and gorgeous personality of the carpet. In addition, light colors such as plum, ivory and white are added to create a more glamorous and antique look. Oriental carpet patterns are usually lively and interesting. The design is unique, gorgeous, complex and gorgeous.

The Oriental Carpet adds inspiration to the room with its unique and sophisticated design, giving it a more gorgeous and gorgeous charm. Due to the continuous development of modern living standards, many efforts have been made to copy or duplicate them, but only those carpets hand-made by weaving or knotting are truly legal oriental carpets. Because these carpets are not machine made, they are more flexible and durable.

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